CC on college campus legal in Ga.

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    I have a lady friend who cc and goes to a college in Atl. Ga. not the best place. a teacher told the class or just her idk.. that it was now legal to cc on campus. any one else hear about this?
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    CC on college

    I'm not in GA, but this is gradually spreading. While it's fair that some don't care for guns and "carry" laws, I'm sure most of us know there are more troubles in a no gun situation than having one to protect others.

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    That is most definitely false. Crime around the downtown campuses is a big problem and they're pushing hard for it, but it is not legal yet.
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    Colorado Concealed Carry developments:

    I'll post what I find here as I find it:

    Colorado News
    Colorado Supreme Court affirms that CU students with permits can carry concealed guns on campus

    Posted: 03/05/2012 09:43:35 AM MST
    Updated: 03/05/2012 03:26:54 PM MST ​
    By Monte Whaley
    The Denver Post

    Read more: Colorado Supreme Court affirms that CU students with permits can carry concealed guns on campus - The Denver Post
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    being a college student (granted 4 weeks from graduating) I would like to carry on campus but I think it would be too much of a trouble at the same time. I'm not in a major metropolitan area, actually fairly rural IN, but there are always several squads of LEOs on campus and I feel like people my age look for that sort of thing more. On my campus once a semester there is a nerf war that lasts about 2 weeks with people running around at all hours of the night shooting nerf at each other. I carry every step of the way off campus, (I also live off campus), but I would be focused on my surroundings more than my education if I was carrying.

    just my .02
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    Interesting Campus Carry Facts:

    • At the start of the 2010 fall semester, 14 Colorado community colleges (38 campuses) began allowing licensed concealed carry on campus.
    • Since the fall semester of 2006, Utah state law has allowed licensed individuals to carry concealed handguns on the campuses of Utah's nine degree-offering public colleges (20 campuses) and one public technical college (10 campuses).
    • Concealed carry has been allowed on the two campuses of Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO, and Pueblo, CO) since 2003 and at Blue Ridge Community College (Weyers Cave, VA) since 1995.
    • After allowing concealed carry on campus for an average of more than three years (as of June 2011), none of these 26 colleges (71 campuses) has seen a single resulting incident of gun violence (including threats and suicides) or a single resulting gun accident.

    Full info here under the "Facts" tab:
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    College Campus Carry

    I think it's a good idea. Statistics show that gun free zones like schools are places where the worst mass shootings occur. You can probably deduce that the Virginia Tech shootings would have stopped sooner had there been conceal carry laws in effect. My son is heading to college soon but you have to be21 in PA.
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    There was a girl at Notre Dame that was raped by two scumbags . You can bet ur butt she wished she was packing.
  11. I think its ridiculous that people who have met the criteria to legaly carry a firearm are prohibited to carry just because they are on school property.
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    As do I...
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    Not true...yet. The Ga Legs is winding down next week. One bill they still have to take up deals with allowing CCW in Gov buildings and Bars.... College Campus' are not included.
    Talk around the Capital is that an Amendment will be introduced to allow CCW on Campus. Also a bill trying to get out of committee would reduce CCW from 21 to 18...
    This would allow those coming back after serving our country but not yet 21 to obtain Jobs where you need to carry. hope that helps
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    Sarcasm begin...

    My friend said that her friends mom's teacher told his 8 a.m. class on Monday and 1 p.m. class on Friday that they could legally carry on campus only on Tuesday's and Thursday's when they have their CCW permit on their person, and only when they walk around in pairs of two or more when the campus police are not around in all 50 states not just GA. So it must be true.

    Sarcasm end...

    NOT TRUE...this is just a joke.
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    My grad school already allows CC by posting their signs improperly. I've only carried a handful of times there though, since I'm usually too focused on Angry Birds during lecture for condition yellow.
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    Some states have no laws against carrying on campus (25 I believe) so it is up to the individual college to decide. This is how it is in Alabama. Georgia has a state law that specifically bans carrying on college campuses. So I would most definitely say it is completely false.
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    I can understand both sides here... 1 being the campus to limit/restrict the firearms to help prevent someone from walking in and taking shots at random people ex: Virginia Tech... And the other side is making a great argument that with CC we could protect ourselves from another Virginia Tech incident by defending if needed... Personally I'm pro carry in a responsible method and trained people (the reason I say trained and responsible is cause we all know some there are just as much adolescent and delinquent as when they were in high school and therefore might not be a great idea for them to carry)... Just my own personal belief :)
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    My wife works at on a College Campus in downtown Birmingham, Al. Her school does NOT allow CC. However, the policy says if you are caught with a gun on campus, you will be asked to leave, but you can return without the weapon. She has to walk two blocks in the middle of one of the top 10 most violent cities in the country. One day, someone is going to challenge the law, but until then, I'm worried every day.
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    Does that policy apply to employes, it might only be students, if she breaks that policy she may find her self out of a job sadly. People are challenging it, or starting to. Colorado just slapped down CU's anti carry policy so now students with permits can carry.