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    Let's compile a list of Concealed carry and open carry friendly restaurants, stores, and other businesses... I'll start with the obvious...

    Local gun stores
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    It's pretty hard to find "no carry" signs in most places in Ohio, which is an open carry state. They were very common for a couple years after we gained concealed carry, but most have disappeared. About the only places that still have them up are banks, medical facilities, schools and daycare, government buildings... The last one I saw (apart from those previously mentioned) was on a bowling alley a few months back, but that one was removed when Ohio allowed permit holders to carry in places with a liquor license. There's a marathon station off I76 on the east side of Akron with an old, faded sign still up on the door.

    The biggest problem I've ever had was actually in the gun shop where I took my CCW class. That shop refused open carry. Patrons were instructed to conceal or leave their weapons in their car. My concealed carry class was the first and last business I did at that shop - The Marksman in Barberton OH. (If they've changed that idiotic policy, lemme know. the location is fairly convenient to me.)

    I think this list is going to depend a lot on the state where these businesses are located.

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    Not all local gun stores allow CC/OC, at least not in Denver.
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    Ace Hardware in Northern Nevada
    US Bank (true!)
    The Gentleman's Club (CC only with permit, they will ask to see permit)