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Here is what i found...

"28.425o. Amended Premises on Which Carrying Concealed Weapon Prohibited; “Premises” Defined; Exceptions to Subsection (1); Violation; Penalties.
1. *Schools or school property but may carry in the while in a vehicle on school property while dropping off or picking up if a parent or legal guardian. (Act 719 allows carry in parking lots. See below)
2. Public or private day care center, public or private child caring agency, or public or private child placing agency.
3. Sports arena or stadium
4. A tavern where the primary source of income is the sale of alcoholic liquor by the glass consumed on the
5. Any property or facility owned or operated by a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or other place of worship, unless the presiding official allows concealed weapons
6. An entertainment facility that the individual knows or should know has a seating capacity of 2,500 or more
7. A hospital
8. A dormitory or classroom of a community college, college, or university
9. A Casino
10. Premises does not include parking areas of the above places 1 thru 9.
Administrative Order 2001-1 of the Michigan Supreme Court:
"Weapons are not permitted in any courtroom, office, or other space used for official court business or by judicial employees unless the chief judge or other person designated by the chief judge has given prior approval consistent with the court’s written policy."
28.519 Implied consent to submit to chemical analysis; certificate holder under influence of alcoholic liquor or controlled substance; violation; penalty; exception; collection and testing of breath, blood, and urine specimens; refusal to take chemical test; report of violation to commission.
(3) This section does not prohibit an individual certified under this act to carry a concealed firearm who has any bodily alcohol content from transporting that firearm in the locked trunk of his or her motor vehicle or another motor vehicle in which he or she is a passenger or, if the vehicle does not have a trunk, from transporting that firearm unloaded in a locked compartment or container that is separated from the ammunition for that firearm or on a vessel if the firearm is transported unloaded in a locked compartment or container that is separated from the ammunition for that firearm."

Assuming you have a MI permit...

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Im going camping in ludington mi in august, if I have my ccw by then (applied just over a month ago) I would like to bring my glock 20... ? Is can I? Im reading mixed answers
Here are a couple items I found that may help you:


The only thing I saw in that document that pertained to firearms was:
"R 299.925 Designated campgrounds, unlawful acts. Rule 25 - In
addition to the unlawful acts specified in R 299.922, in designated
Department of Natural Resources-administered campgrounds, other
than those in state parks, recreation areas, and access sites, it is
unlawful for a person or persons to do any of the following:

(c) To discharge firearms, air guns, bow-and-arrow, crossbow, gas
guns, spring loaded guns, or sling shots."
I didn't see anything in the above document regarding CC being prohibited.

And there's this from the Michigan's Concealed Pistol Law - FAQs under the Non-CPL Holder section:

3. Do I need a concealed pistol permit to carry my pistols while walking through the woods near my cabin in Michigan? If not, are there any restrictions on how or where the gun is carried?

MCL 750.227 allows you to carry a concealed pistol if you are in your home, place of business, or on other land possessed by you. If you do not possess the land, you may lawfully carry the pistol as long as you carry it non-concealed. Michigan appellate courts have held complete invisibility is not required for the weapon to be considered concealed. The weapon is concealed if it is not observed by those casually observing the person as people do in the ordinary and usual associations of life. Attorney General's opinion #3158 dated February 14, 1945, states a pistol carried in a holster or belt outside of the clothing in plain view is not considered concealed, but carrying under a coat would constitute concealed.

Additionally, the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act prohibits against carrying or transporting a firearm in areas frequented by wild animals and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has rules and regulations regarding where firearms are prohibited on certain land. Contact the Michigan Department of Natural Resources with any questions you may have regarding these laws, rules, and regulations.
(Emphasis mine)

So I guess bottom line would be to call MI DNR and get a clear answer and then come back here and let the rest of us know. :D
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