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    I am looking for a cavity plug for my glock 27, I have one but it does not fit flush with my mag extender. Looking for a place to find one.
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    All the plugs I have seen seen only fit flush with

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    Stock clips. Try Glock Store online.
  4. I've seen both styles(flush fit with the frame and flush fit with the mag) on the Lone Wolf web site. I'm still kind of 50/50 on weather I want a plug in my G30. It had one in it that was flush fit with the mag, I didn't really care for the way it looked. I'm kickin' around the idea of getting a flush fit with the frame plug. Yes, it stops stuff from getting into that area of the gun but it also stops stuff from getting out too. If you get a lot of powder and fouling build up that works it way into that area of the gun you can't spray it out from the top like you could if you didn't have the plug in place. Seems like if Gaston would have thought that area was a big deal and needed a plug he'd have designed the gun with one from the get go.
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    Yea that's a good point but doesn't the firing pin sit at the other end of that cavity? I'd be worried about getting **** on it especially since I carry mine a lot so I often notice its full of lint or fuzz from clothing
  6. Granted, stuff could get up into that cavity and get into the striker but I really don't think it'd be a very common thing and like I said, it'd just be a matter of spraying some cleaner into the area from the top while you have the slide off to get all that "gunk" out of the cavity. I don't know, like I said, I'm pretty much 50/50 on weather to get one or not. If I do get one it'll be a flush fit though, don't like things stickin' out of my cavity,LOL.
  7. The cavity is there so when you have a type 3 malfunction with your glock you can put your thumb up in the hole to get a better angle on the mag to rip it out. I have the plug with the lanyard loop and I have +4 mag extension. I have enough room on the extension to grab that to rip the mag out.

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  8. I guess if a person wanted to they could just use a little black RTV to seal the cavity, stuff it pretty cheap and should last against all the gun cleaning chemicals and stuff ok.
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    Years ago I did some torture tests of my own on glock. A 19 that I had a grip plug in failed to cycle after the first round in a wet sand test. Took the plug out and pulled the trigger she cycled fine and a clump of sand shot out of the plug area.
    This was the only malfunction I've ever had when torturing glocks.
  10. That's why I kind of think it's open for a reason. To channel crap out of that area of the gun. Plug it and the stuff has no way to get out of the gun.
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    What he said +1
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    I can't site my source right now but I did read somewhere that that is open for the reason of clearing crap out of it through the hole. I carry my Gen4 19 pretty much all day every day and have had no issues with anything getting in there and goofing things up.