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  1. I used Hoppe's No 9 in a pinch to clean some nastyness off my G19. Thought i wiped it down really well. Long story short I have a BAD rash/bumps right where the 19 is carried on my body. At look at their MDS says:

    CLP never did this to me, I'll never use something else again even in a pinch.
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    That sucks you had a reaction! Thanks for letting us know.

  3. Yea its nasty. I noticed it just a bit last week, didnt think nothing of it. Its the general shape of the 19 and only in that spot so im convinced its that.
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    Hoppes only good for clean barrels; use very little when cleaning any other part of your weapon with Hoppes, its strong stuff, and be sure to wipe off thoroughly.
  5. You guys dont even know how bad it has gotten. It turned into painful blister type bumps and painful red skin that looks like bruised road rash. It has spread to the other side and my legs. It itches constantly and burns at the touch. The doctors are still trying to figure out how to stop it.

    I destroyed the stuff and stopped carrying my gun (despite its insane cleaning) about a week ago.

    Seriously sucks.
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    That sucks dude, apparently something in it caused an allergic reaction. I really need to get some CLP to clean every other part of my gun besides the bore.
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    You should shower more often

    - kidding

    Although I have never had a reaction on the many weapons using Hoppes, I only use it for the bore and other metal parts as required. Sounds like you used it on your frame?

    That reaction sounds serious. You sure it couldn't be anything else?
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    I use Frog Lube for Cleaning Lub Protection, I find it to be a great product, has a pleasant mint smell..... environmentally friendly.....can use it for rough hands and even chapped lips in a pinch. Hoppe's is a very harsh chemical.
  9. According to the allergy tests and things the doctors have ruled out pretty much everytbing else. This is the only new factor so it has to be the cause.

    I used it on the whole gun because I was out of CLP and so was the store. Never again.
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    That is a harsh lesson to learn. Hope it clears up soon; get well.
  11. I would show you some gnarly pics of it all, but trust me you guys dont wanna see it
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    Yes we do, pictures speak louder then words. :)
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    I only use Hoppe's to clean very dirty barrels, like after a some full-auto or high-round count shooting. Also I wear gloves while I clean my guns; just like a wear gloves when working on my car.
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    used Hoppe's on the frame as well?

    Just one more vote in favor of ultrasonics, as far as I'm concerned. When done, all you need worry about is lubrication.

    Sorry about your nastiness, Nukinfuts29. Can I recommend trying Medline "Remedy" medicated skin cleansing lotion? It contains Dimethicone 1.5% (a silicone derivative), and among many other things it soothes sensitive, damaged skin. Available only (as far as I know) at the medical supply stores, not your local Walmart.

    'Luck to ya, buddy!
  15. thanks for the heads up man
  16. Skin cultures conclusively came back as a direct result of skin contact with Hoppes No 9. Hoppe's offered me a free bottle of No. 9 for my troubles. I replied back (I originally contacted them just to say hey, this is a real issue) asking for a gift card so I could buy CLP.

    I only used it on the slide, but I guess it spread even after being cleaned and put back on the gun. I honestly had to soap and water my completely dismantled gun about 8 times before it cleaned it all off.

    The winning remedy ended up being plain old Jergens lotion. It has finally gone away, aside from some dry skin. Heading in the right direction at least.
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    Hoppes #9 cleaning solvent should not be used to wipe down your gun at the finish of a cleaning... it is a cleaner, not a conditioner... You should have used a lubricating or conditioning oil like the hoppes lubricating oil, rem oil, or CLP on the outside frame... use the Hoppes #9 for the barrel and slide in areas that have fouling, then thoroughly wipe it clean then use the lubricating oil on the outside frame and slide if need be... Not to crash your party here but you should cut your losses and take the free bottle of Hoppes #9, they won't offer you much more because you used their product wrong and they know it but are trying to appeal to keep you somewhat happy... Not trying to sound negative here but you're trying to get people to stop using a product that even you can't use correctly... Good luck on future shooting and cleaning and I'm sorry for the reaction that happened but let's be smart about it, it's a corrosive solvent... Key word there is CORROSIVE
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    I love the way Hoppes smells. I've been known to dab a little behind the ears

    - kidding
  19. I was used to remove surface rust from rolling around in my trunk, and the gun was cleaned with soap and water.It's not like I coated it in the stuff, I didn't have too. I did not use anything wrong.
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    Since we're not dealing with aluminum, wouldn't Simple Green be a safe alternative? I've used it a few times and seems to clean up very well.