Cause of trigger pull increasing- question

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by sparx, Jan 31, 2012.

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    Today I was at the range again and after about 40 rounds the trigger felt worse. My shots were hitting poorly as well. So I packed up and at home checked the pull with my RCBS trigger pull gauge and sure enough the pull went up to 7.5 pounds.

    I looked the frame section over and saw nothing out of sorts. The gun did fire but pull was awful.

    I disassembled the frame and cleaned everything, reassembled and tested the pull and it was back to 5.25-5.5.

    So, all I can think of was dirt got in the inner workings and made the pull heavy.

    Went back to the range and fired 60 rounds, the gun is working perfectly and trigger pull tests at 5.25 pounds once again.
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  2. rivalarrival

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    I haven't quantified it with a pull gauge, but I can feel a significant difference in my Gen 3 G26 from dry to lubed. I don't think it's 2 pounds heavier, just not quite as smooth.

    Don't forget the slide. Is the drop safety sticky? Does the striker move freely?

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    Did you also detail strip the slide and clean the striker channel? Gunk in the channel can cause heavy gritty trigger pulls. Glock recommends NO LUBE on the striker or in that channel. The "debris hole" in the bottom of the slide is there to minimize gunking in this mechanism. It works best if left dry.
  4. Just guessing here.....are you lubing the area where the bar and connector make contact?
  5. again I say

    use CLP and the problem is solved.
  6. Ballistol.....:p
  7. I had this issue on my G26, solved with CLP. Hornady isn't great stuff to begin with, and dry lube in Glocks is usually a major fail.
  8. Back on topic......never experienced any sort of issue like this out of my two Gen4's using Gen3 trigger bars so I don't think that's an issue but I wouldn't 100% rule that out either. My two Gen4 19's both have several thousand rounds in them with the same trigger bar mod and I've yet to have any sort of issue.

    Strange problem to have. My money is on the dry lube.
  9. I was on topic! I'm in here dropping bombs of wisdom haha
  10. I know you were. Apparently we were posting at the same time, I was saying back on topic to myself after giving you the.......:p
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    I use CLP with no complaints. Very good stuff.
  12. This isn't an AR15, try the CLP.
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    Looks like i need to get some CLP!
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    I don't like CLP on hand guns, gathers dirt.
  15. Im going to have to disagree. Unless of course you use too much but thats not the CLP's fault.

    I dont know what to tell you, the lubricant you are using is the problem.