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Carrying while jogging

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I recently put my application for the police academy in , and in Doing so I started running at night since its so dang hot . I was wondering if anyone has purchased concealment clothing like so

Sleeve Waist Gesture Rectangle Thigh

I would like your input or anyone else's ideas on what to do . Thanks


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I just used a belly band that I received from Dutchs, from the pay it forward thread, and it worked great for bike rides. It did not shift or anything. I had my mother in law sew a few velcro straps for a tighter fit since the band he sent me was for a 38+ size waist and I am a 32 inch waist. It works really well. I was even doing rolls in the house and jumping jacks but I have yet to run in it.
here it is
I will definitely buy one once I wear this one out.
That's awesome Rick!! Glad it is getting good use.
I saw a thread on this forum for a very cool looking fanny pack... I use a remora holster but honestly have not been jogging with it...
If it was the black one with a G21 and a mag in it that was mine. I use it almost every day still and it serves my purpose extremely well.
Dutchs, I just ran 2 miles with the belly band. I started off carrying at the 5 but then went to the 3 o'clock position because the handle of the xd40 was pressing against my butt every time I took a stride. After adjusting to the 3 it all went super smooth.
Another thing is how tight you put it. I jumped around in my house, and kept tightening until it moved very little before I went outside.
I had an under shirt on as a sweat barrier then a regular t-shirt.
It did affect my breathing a little bit but nothing major.
Pretty Good for 85°and sunny.

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And now it is RUN tested!! Turned out pretty good! I feel like I did a good deed now. Thanks for the updates Rick. Maybe others will get some good use from the reviews too!! I wish I could still run:eek: Jealous:p Bum knees
Thanks alot again.
I appreciate it very much.
You can still participate in water aerobics at the YMCA haha. Glocks run good in water.
I have been blessed with a pool in my backyard!:eek: I don't take the Glock in though.:eek: She's very near by though! :p
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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