Carrying two different types of ammo in the same mag?

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    Ok, so I conceal carry a full size 20 10mm in the winter and currently use Corbon 135gr JHP that push 1400fps/588ftlbs as my main rounds. But I also have a fear of being carjacked and do a lot of driving in the city which has had its fair share of violent crime and it’s not unusual to have addicts people walking up to your vehicle for change. Armed bank and convenience store robberies that happen locally are a daily occurrence are nothing new so are home break-ins. If I have six Doubletap 200gr WFNGC Hardcast that push 1300fps/750ftlbs and then the 10 corbons in my gun and happen to use it in a self-defense scenario could it be used against me in a totally justified situation? And would the hardcast penetrate my car door better if need be?
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    You never know which one you would need first, so how do you load your clip? (clips)

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    10 corbons then 5+1 doubletap at the top
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    'Clip'? Well, it's not entirely incorrect to call a magazine a clip; but, if you're going to spend any time on internet gun forums ....... Let me be the first to tell you that, 'magazine' sounds so much better. (And it won't, 'disturb the natives', either!)

    But, then again, there's also this: (Scroll down to, 'Clip')

    PS: I don't know the specific answer to your question? (I'm still working on, 'WFNGC'! What, the heck, is that?) ;)

    I wouldn't, however, advise you to be too quick to use that big mother-loving, 'Glock ghetto blaster' on carjackers, though. (Really sounds like overkill.)

    Instead, it seems to me that you could use a good course in vehicle security and defensive driving maneuvers. (You know! Defensive driver training like always stopping where you're able to clearly see the tires of the car in front of you. A simple precaution like keeping your windows rolled up is, also, a very good vehicle safety precaution - Especially when you're in the city.)
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    The way I speak is entirely up to myself, clip, magazine, it has the same meaning to me and I'm not here for proper grammar lessons, so I guess I'll stick with sounding ignorant and the natives can get over it. I do however, want to thank you for your concern, and I do hope to learn even more here on the forum.
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    I would strongly suggest you not shoot through your door. Door handle, window glass if down, window frame if up, power window buttons. Not a good idea. How you going to feel telling your buds you shot yourself.

    Whatever you do, don't shoot through the windshield. That glass is laminated and the angle of the glass will definitely deflect the bullet. The side window is tempered glass. It'll probably explode the glass into a thousand pieces (and into your eyes) but the bullet will fly.

    Had a cop on my job, on duty, somehow got his H&K tangled up in his seatbelt. Capped off a .40 Cal in the car. Killed the shifter knob dead. One piece of the bullet went through the dash. The larger piece went up through the dash, cracked the windshield and richocet'd into the 'b' column next to his left ear. Caused a hellava break dance competion out in our parking lot. Thankfully, he didn't get hurt. His shorts? ...Not so lucky. He was one of the golden boys on S(ecret) O(vertime) G(roup), so everything went hush-hush, mush-mush.

    Bad situation if you shoot through the door and the clown doesn't have a weapon. In some states (NJ) all you have to do is point your weapon at someone and it could be "Aggravated assault with a weapon" plus "Possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes". It can turn into a 'he said/he said' that even if found not guilty can cost you up to $20K in shyster fees.

    Had another off-duty dope from my dept. back in '91. Got impatient with some lady in the Mickey D's drive-thru. Pointed is gun at her after she ignored his horn and gave him the bird (imagine the nerve of her). Cost him $20K and he was found guilty. They ran them concurrent, but he still did the flat automatic 5 for a gun charge.

    Just saying...
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  7. The only time I carrried two different types of ammo in the same mag was to load a Glaser safety slug first. i dont use that method anymore. For my G20 i carry Buffalo Bore 185 gr and in my G29 Winchester Silvertips.

    Although it was not asked in your initial inquiry, if a BG attempts to carjack me, he IS going to get shot!
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    In your car, you just happen to be seated in the greatest defense mechanism ever built. If you press the smaller pedal on the right it will move the vehicle at a rate faster than you or the bad guy could ever run.

    I would be more worried about defending the action of staying and shooting rather than running. At that point you could be shooting rose tipped bullets that say have a nice day on them. Your choice to use lethal force will be questioned alot more than what you used to shoot with unless you have poisoned them.

    If the situation is unavoidable and the shoot is legal then no one within the law has any right or need to question your ammo of choice unless there is a written law against what you carry.

    My advice is get a copy on your states laws on the use of lethal force and learn them then live by them. Ammo choice as long as its legal will be inane.....
  9. Obviously if the coast is clear, accelerate away from a car jacking, just as if you are on foot and are able to leave a dangerous situation. Common sense. If cornered however, I will take whatever action is neccesary to stop the threat.
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    My thoughts Exactly!
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    I've read about everything I can find to read on the subject of ballistics, penetration and expansion. Still, I'm not an expert and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so take this as you will. ;)

    Heavier bullets will penetrate barriers better, period. FMJs will penetrate barriers better than HPs, period.

    If I were you, I would dump those 135gr rounds anyway. 135gr round, at that speed, is going to come apart or deform, and will underpenetrate in any circumstance that you could need it. 135gr rounds aren't even advisable in a .40, from a ballistic standpoint, and other than creating a "low recoil" .40 round, which doesn't perform well either, I don't know why anyone bothered making that light of a bullet in this caliber.

    165gr are better in .40, and ok for 10mm, but I still prefer 180gr bullets, at a minimum, in 10mm because those are rounds that will expand and penetrate reliably. 200gr are better. Double Tap's got some nice 230gr "Equalizers" too. :D

    I've been giving the subject some thought recently and was considering Federal's new "Guard dog" EMFJ, but they only make it in 9/40/45 and it's not exactly a stunning performer.

    Shooting through the car door would definitely be ill advised and problematic at best. Depending on where you place the shot, it might have to try to go through the plastic door panel, the steel behind it, the window or window track, the steel "side impact" crossbar, any lock/handle rods it encounters, an electrical harness and then through the exterior door skin. Not likely to happen.

    If you are serious about the possibility, you need to pull your door panel, find the path of least resistance and mark it on the door panel. You should be able to find a spot or maybe a couple of spots, where it's just the plastic door panel and outer skin, unless the window is down, in which case you should be shooting through the open window.

    Shooting through the side window shouldn't be that big of a problem, regardless of the round, though a typical HP may get clogged with glass. The window will shatter, but tempered glass is designed to shatter immediately on impact and all the little pieces then fall to the ground, in the car, in the door.

    Shooting through a windshield, you would want a heavy bullet to go through with minimal deflection. At the range you would be shooting through it, I would think it would have still have sufficient energy to reduce deflection even more. Since it is two panes of laminated glass, it won't shatter like the side or back windows.

    So, at this point, you have to consider the likelihood of each scenario based on where and when you travel. From that point, I would either stack a few, 3-4, FMJs, whether you use the 200gr DTs or something else, followed by good HPs (maybe even matching 200gr DTs or you might look at the WFNGCs in 230gr backed by the DT 230 Equalizers) or start with FMJ and then alternate FMJ/HP for several rounds, or 2 FMJs and then alternate, or 2 FMJs followed by HPs.

    It's going to come down to the most likely scenarios you could encounter and what you consider the best pattern to win those scenarios.

    I'm still working out my own plan, which I have to do for several calibers, but I think by the time I'm done, I'll have FMJs in the chamber, or be going to Hornday Critcal Defense or Critical Duty in the chamber, so that no matter what I may need to shoot through, I don't have to worry about good initial penetration.

    I'd suggest the Critical Defense for you, but they only make it in 165gr in 10mm, probably because that's what they offer in .40 as well, and they don't expect enough demand for a bigger 10mm round.

    If they eventually offer the Critical Duty in 10mm, which is probably not going to happen, that would be a good choice...or if they make the bullets available and you reload, that particular 175gr (odd size, but still) would make a nice 10mm.

    +1. Especially in Castle Doctrine states. It's practically a public service. ;)
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