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Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by wsar10, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. rickjames

    rickjames Hard Work! Dedication! Supporter

    why are most home defense rounds steel cased?
    I was looking at some Winchester Supreme Elite and Federal Hydrashoka and GuardDog
    all are steel cased.
  2. piken

    piken New Member

    Ah, Win Supreme Elite and Federal Hydra's are brass cases that are nickel plated. The same as most premium SD rounds and LE rounds.

  3. parkeral

    parkeral New Member

    G23 gen4
    IWB holster
    1 chambered
    Hornady critical duty 175gr flexlock
  4. rickjames

    rickjames Hard Work! Dedication! Supporter

    Thank you for the verification.
    I had some of my tulammo next to the Winchester supreme elite and did notice the casing difference. A lot more shiny for the nickel.
  5. piken

    piken New Member

    Yeah, it is a common misconception. I am not a big fan of steel case and will fire it, but I have noticed in long 400-500 rd range sessions there is less issue with the nickel plated and brass as the ramp gets dirty.
  6. Bammustafa

    Bammustafa New Member

    G26 Gen 4 10 round mag in the weapon
    1 chambered- 11 round extension I carry in my pocket. Galco kydex holster or MIC (depending what I'm wearing)
    In my EDC bag in my car I have 4 more 11 round mags plus a 33 mag (just incase lol)
    All mags filled with hornady critical defense
  7. rickjames

    rickjames Hard Work! Dedication! Supporter

    DAMN! you can NEVER be prepared enough. I like that
  8. mikecu

    mikecu New Member

    Same here. The 27 more than the 23.

    My 3 hosters are a Bianchi OWB(most comfortable), Milt Sparks IWB(better concealment), and a Galco fanny pack if I'm playing some kind of sport.
  9. I would love to shoot my carry ammo from time to time, but the problem I have is that the two local ranges here only allow target ammo to be used. Has anyone else run into this in you respected areas?
  10. gen4fde

    gen4fde New Member

    Which 9mm Carry Ammo

    What is your favorite (most carried and most successful) 9mm ammo? Obviously a hollow point but I'm looking for brand, weight, reliability, and fps performance. Just bought my first 9mm Glock 19 in FDE and have been using Corbon powerball +p and/or Federal LEO +p+ which is what I prefer in the 1911. Thanks guys.
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  11. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    I haven't established a success rate yet lol . But I have hydra shocks in my 26
  12. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    Shoot your carry ammo at the range

    Just wanted to make sure everyone knew the importance of occasionally shooting their personal protection ammo at the range. Usually a hotter round it react differently in your gun than your range ammo . I find it a good practice to mix a few in a few mags and shoot one full mag to feel the difference.

    I don't want to be surprised when I am shooting to defend myself.

    Just a little friendly advice.:cool:
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  13. Good advice. To expand make no changes to anything that relates to your protection or carry gun without training.
  14. jonm61

    jonm61 New Member

    We have a thread somewhere here that this is being discussed. Yes, you need to shoot your carry ammo to verify function and to know what it feels like. Finding range ammo that matches the bullet weight and ballistics of your carry ammo, however, will allow you to practice with little to no difference in the feel of how it shoots. Just matching the bullet weight isn't necessarily going to do it; you have to make sure it matches in velocity and energy as well. Once you find one and it matches the feel of your carry ammo, you're good to go.
  15. Joer

    Joer New Member

    Sounds like solid advice. I am yet to find a "Home Load" for my newly acquired G22. Only .40 cal that I have found in stores is basically range ammo, maybe I'll have to break down and mail order something. I read about Hornadys Critical Defense maybe that's one to try.
    So far I have been shooting 180gr to get the feel of that.
  16. I have a 23 that I carry and I use Hornady 155gr HP XTP TAP FPD as my home defense/carry ammo. So far, I swear by Hornady. It feels great when I fire it at the range. Ya can't go wrong with Hornady IMO. Hope this helps Joer
  17. dwcfastrice

    dwcfastrice Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    Ditto on the Hornady rounds. I alternate stack them (hollow vs ball) when I carry and once a month i shoot that at the range for practice.

    Had a horror story last week with a critical
    Defense round going off in the chamber. I'll make a separate post as to not hijack this one.

  18. dwcfastrice, any particular reason why you alternate ball with hollow point in your carry? Not trolling here, genuinely curious.
  19. dwcfastrice

    dwcfastrice Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    No worries. I've been asked this before and there's a couple of reasons.

    For me this is an old school habit i picked up from one my first pistol "coaches" when i first got my CCW back in the mid-1990s. JHP ammo technology wasnt as good as it is now and there was this fear that with heavy winter clothing the hollow would get plugged up with debris and degrade the expansion characteristics of the round. I don't believe this is the case anymore as many who do what I do have castigated on other forums and there are some studies that show consistently good performance. Like I said its an old habit and one I practice with so I'm used to it.

    My first round is always a JHP round. If the BG goes down, then great. If i need a followup shot that needs to punch through a fender or autoglass etc, the ball round can do it. Am I likely to encounter this scenario? Probably not