Cargo Pants/Shorts into Thigh Rig

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by rivalarrival, May 5, 2012.

  1. rivalarrival

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    I've never been a fan of carrying a gun in a cargo pocket. I like the location - a thigh rig puts the gun out of the way whether seated, standing, etc. The problem is that any large or heavy object in those pockets seems to flop around and chafe, especially when running.

    I've been thinking of converting cargo pants/shorts into a concealed thigh rig. (In this particular case, for a G26) Basically, I'd cut slots in the pantleg behind the pocket, one forward, one back, to accept a thigh strap running around the leg and inside the pocket. That strap would accept some sort of off-the-shelf OWB holster. A strap could run up to the waistline and be sewed to a belt loop to support the rig.

    Has anyone seen anything like this? Has anyone used a "rig" like this?
  2. rodeman

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    I'm picturing in my mind what that will look like. Silly question, but if you sit down on the toilet what do you do? I'm guessing the buckle is in the cargo pocket. I've seen some concealment pants before. I may have even posted a link on here to them if you advance search my ID. I'd be interested to see how that would work.

  3. rivalarrival

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    I'd think the buckle would have to go inside pantleg, not the pocket. If it were unbuckled, the ends would just hang down the pantleg. You'd pull up the pant leg, buckle the thigh strap, then pull up the top part of the pants.

    Shorts would be a bit easier - you'd just pull up the pantleg a bit to buckle or unbuckle the strap.
  4. Webphisher

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    I would like to see something like this pan out. Id rather be able to CC on my leg.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Sounds very interesting. Post pics!
  6. nyycanseco33

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    Yes please post pics as I'm interested too, sounds like something may want to use to convert my EMS pants which have large cargo pockets also
  7. jimmyalbrecht

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    This sounds like an awesome idea. I have lots of pairs of cargo pants laying around.
  8. rivalarrival

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    I think I'll round up some old belts and give it a shot.
  9. SHOOTER13

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    Yea...not a bad idea.

    Work on the design...hell, you may even want to patent it !
  10. jonm61

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    I think from both a simplicity and comfort standpoint, something more bellyband-ish would be the way to go. It'll be softer, more flexible when you move and especially going from sitting to standing, which is going to be important in more than just the bathroom; thing about getting in and out of the car for instance.

    Really, the easiest thing might be to use a cargo pocket appropriate holster in a cargo pocket and then put some sort of soft strap on the inside of the pant let, behind the pocket, that secures with velcro. That would keep it from flopping around as you move, but would be very simple to design, create and use.

    Doing that, all you'd have to do is have a piece of velcro, the soft side, sewn into whatever shorts you wanted to use it with, but you would only need one band.

    You could also make a band of the bellyband type material and have it sewn into place in each pair of shorts you wanted to carry in. That would probably be one of the more secure and comfortable options.
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    What's the quote from Superbad? "Nobody's gotten a [handshake] in cargo shorts since 'Nam!" Guys, cargo shorts, after 16 you shouldn't be wearing them. Unless you are in a tactical uniform.

    Sorry for the bash. My girlfriend calls me the fashion police all the time when I get to jiving.

    Great idea in concept. Would love to see it work out for you.

    Don't dress to kill and shoot to thrill, dress to thrill and shoot to kill.
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    I'm not so sure hand "shake" was the term used. Haha
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    I seem to recall a number of "handshakes" while wearing cargo shorts. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?
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    You go on policing fashion and I'll go on wearing my cargo shorts. :p

    Until I have a woman, who is an important part of my life, tell me that I shouldn't be wearing them, I'm going to keep on. None of them have told me yet, though I've gotten plenty of earfulls about other things. :rolleyes:
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    The point is you WON'T get one walking around wearing them! #justkiddingbutforreal

    I'm just messing with all you guys, I own too man pairs of them also. I just don't wear them frequently/seldomly anymore (because of HER). Haha. Happened to see this on twitter earlier. Relevant.

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    Ahh. I see.


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    I just wear my 19, 26, or 30 IWB when I'm wearing shorts.