Carbon fiber holster?

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  1. Im looking for a carbon fiber holster for IWB. Ive seen what Blackhawk has to offer and I saw one at the previously posted hidious holster thread.

    Id like it at 4 o'clock and Im a righty so it would have to be LH IWB.

    Anyone have any leads? seen one? Wanna make me one?

    ps... Its for a G27
  2. I can order carbon fiber kydex for special orders. We just don't stock it because demand isn't that high for it.

  3. Does it have the carbon fiber twill pattern or is it a carbon composite?
  4. Which do you prefer?
  5. Ghost23

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    How much more is the carbon fiber over the regular?
  6. I will have to find out. Final pricing shouldn't change much.......a few bucks more though.
  7. cool, yeah find out for me... If its actual carbon and not carbon fiber looking Kydex then im game for an IWB and Id take another thingy.

    Id prefer it have clips instead of loops though. We will see what you can do.
  8. I prefer the actual carbon with the basket weave... I am not a fan at all of carboon "look"
  9. I seriously don't think you are going to find anyone with a "real" carbon fiber holster. Sorry I can't help you with this one. All I would have to offer is carbon fiber kydex.......just like anyone else.
  10. They're out there... I found a few with google.
  11. I would have to be shown. Everything I saw wasn't real carbon fiber. Also my educated guess from buying real carbon fiber parts for motorcycles and cars over the years tells me that the price for real carbon fiber holsters would be quite high.

    Then again.....i may be wrong. I just have yet to see any "real" ones.
  12. Im about to head out of the office but Ill toss some up here a bit later if I remember.
  13. The stuff we can get is the weave appearance and we are about to offer clips.

    Then again maybe one of the other two vendors here can help you out more imediately.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Real carbon fiber can be done, I could try my best at it but I have never done it before (sounds like a fun job). You would have to wrap the item with the carbon fiber and apply the epoxy, vacuum seal it and compress it, let it dry and then make final cuts and sanding and finishing… it would cost a lot more than what the kydex lookalike goes for. It would also be more rigid and less forgiving on the gun than kydex.
  15. Well if anyone wants to give it a whirl... Im game.
  16. Im out on the "real" carbon fiber work. Its not cost effective enough to even try it. Do you have any of those links for real carbon fiber holsters?
  17. Sorry... forgot about this last night... had a few too many... rough day at work.

    safari land***AEQ


    Holster ops

    Hidious holsters
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    Is that overlaid over another material?
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    If you can come up with a price for an OWB for a G21 w/TRL-2, I'd be interested...

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I would have to try it out for myself first... Sorry if I made it sound that I would offer it, gotta look into it more first... It would be a fun project. I really want to make one now, I just don't have the time at the moment, however I can look up stuff and tell you how much one would cost to make, as far as materials are concerned.

    It's not a complicated process but it's a process nonetheless.

    And I need a blue gun.... Definitely don't want to use my g22 as a mold for carbon fiber... Not with the epoxy involved...

    I make my own leather holsters... As a hobby. Using the real gun as a mold for leathers just fine.