Carbine using Glock mags ???

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    I"m looking for a carbine that takes Glock mags, specifically in 40cal.

    I know Oly makes an AR configuration that takes Glock mags, but that's a bit more than I want to pay for what will amount to little more than a toy for me.

    Same goes for the conversions like RONI, Mechtech, HERA, all a bit more than I want to spend. (at least I hear RONI and HERA make a 16" brl model, though I've not seen them)

    I wish HiPoint's carbine would take Glock mags, price on them is great, and I'm just looking for a plinker toy.

    Than there's Kel Tec's Sub2000, which seems to be my only option. Not that there is a problem with it, just wondering if there is some other option out there that I am not aware of.
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    Keltec Sub2000 is the only one I'm aware of and as far as I've read/heard it's a good one.

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    Oly removed their glock lowers from their website. No longer making them, I understand.

    There is Thureon Defense as well that makes a glock mag carbine.

    Lone Wolf makes AR's that use Glock mags. It *should* be useable with the Rock River .40 Cal uppers. I have not seen one yet to verify, but I think it *should* work.

    MGI makes 10mm and 45 ACP lowers that use modular mag wells from the GLock Pistols.

    And of course the KRISS Super V also uses Glock 21 Mags.

    Kel Tec as you've already pointed out.

    Of the options you have, the Kel-Tec is probably the least expensive.
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    I have a Kriss Super V and love it. The next Gen of Kriss (K10) will have .40 and 9mm versions.

    Here was one that wasn't mentioned and seems cheap and interesting.

    The refurbished ones look good still and are cheaper. No idea in quality I am still looking into it myself for the future.
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    Thureon Defense 9mm Carbine

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