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Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by proximo, May 25, 2012.

  1. proximo

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    I have a new car and I am wanting to install a custom Car holster to hold my G19 for easy access.

    There is not much out there when it comes to Car holsters and the one's I have seen won't really work for my car.

    I am not willing to drill holes in my car to install a holster.

    Anyone know of a good resource for these or have some good ideas?

    I can share my Car type if anyone thinks this will help. :confused:

  2. I'm betting mike can make a holster and I can make a mount to get you all set up. I used to outfit my companies vehicles with mounts for all kinds of stuff. What type of vehicle is it?
  3. Blades

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    Welcome to the forum "proximo"!

    Sounds like you might need some extra grip "hook&loop", then you can position your holster where ever you need it.
  4. jonm61

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    There are plenty of good Velcro options or you could use a high bond or very high bond tape. VHB tape will secure just about anything to just about anything. It's used to replace rivets in aircraft. Surprisingly not too expensive, considering. It takes a little work to remove, but does not damage either surface.
  5. proximo

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    I appreciate all the ideas shared here. I have checked two of the links provided for car holsters and they won't work for my car.

    The first is the holster that fits under your steering column. My car does not have an area where it can hook there.

    The second is just plain ugly to me. I could never have that belt around my car seat and I would not want to sit on the buckle while I drive.

    I may need to make a custom holster on my own. My car is a Lexus IS250 and I think I can make something fit between the center console and my drivers seat. Will need to experiment.
  6. I would get Mike P to make the holster itself, then affix it to whatever you design ;)