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Ell, I have a blue label coupon that needs to be used and can't decide what to get.

I just received a 17 Gen 4 I won at a match
I have had 2 Gen3 23'sfor a number of years
I bought a 19 gen 3
A 30sf also


I'm thinking in these lines...
A 34 gen 4 or maybe 3
A gen 4 22
A gen 4 19/23
Gen 4 32
20sf or gen4
21sf or 24
Possibly a 26 gen 4

So yeah, see the dilemma?

I am fond of Glock for cow, so I'm not really huge into a FS, ANSI did just get the 17 so that niche may be filled. I do shoot GSSF though, and the 34 would be nicer for matches.
I can now shoot almost every category, I could use the 34 and make it custom, going into the unl category.


Any answers on why exactly the Gen3s haven't been phased out? Just wondering if I should hold onto the coupon...

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Decisions, decisions.
I have a G26 and love it, like most people do. So that is a great option, for you a carry gun. But it sounds like you have pretty much made up your mind with the G34. Great gun!! And it will benefit you in competitions and even in a new category, once you customize it. Okay, G34 it is. <---- Show pictures of it tomorrow after you get it. :)
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