Can't decide on a holster for my G26

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by Mallen65, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Mallen65

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    I have looked at several holsters but can't decide what type I want. I do not carry all the time, I carry when I ride my bike, camping and hiking. Any suggestions for a newby?
  2. dslmac2

    dslmac2 New Member

    Hello Mallen65,
    I just recent got a G26 (4 weeks ago). I now have three holsters, already. First one was a cheap one at a gun show ($10). It is kind of thick for IWB so I ordered a Parker Holster and it is amazing. Very similar to the Crossbreed but only $40. It is very comfortable. Just today I bought a Blackhawk #5 IWB ($15) just because it looked comfortable, which it is also. It just will be nice to have options. First one I bought will now become a holster in my car.

  3. fls348

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    You'll end up with more than one, that's for sure.

    I will make one suggestion; for when your riding your bike a belly band might be handy. I use one in the summer if I'm wearing jogging type shorts a t-shirt and taking the dogs for a walk. They're pretty comfy and hide very well, and they're cheap too.
  4. Ryan92

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  5. dslmac2

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    I saw these, but they look like they would be flimsy. What do you carry in the belly band you have for biking or dog walking?
  6. Glockmaster

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    This my GEN 4 27 & the N82 Tactical Professional holster.

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