Cant believe this was my day......

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  1. Sooo I drove over to Cabela's today to see what I could find, and a word of advice. NEVER go to Cabela's to purchase ANY firearm...... First off, had all their Gen 3 Glock 22 listed at $569 with 1 mag and thats it. Plus they had a single gen 4 for $620?!?!?!? DAFUQ?? ridiculously over priced.... and, saw the AR's that they were trying to sell some chump, looked like the biggest heap of garbage I had ever seen and they were saying that for $1100 it was a STEAL! Are you serious right now Cabela's? Well, the only good thing that came out of it was Baxes of 500 .22lr rounds for $16 lol
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    Those prices are outrageous. $200 more than what they are here. Of course, it is IL.

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    Wow i feel stupid I just purchased a 21 about a month ago I payed 659$ and change. I guess I just helped them with employee bonus obligations
  4. Cabela's is always over priced. They tried to sell me a Hoyt bow for $400 over retail. They swore I would never get it cheaper and when I showed the guy on my hpone the retail price from Hoyt he tried to tell me it was a lie.
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    What a bunch of d-bags. And the reason they keep selling them at that price is because idiots keep buying them for that price...
  6. The Gander Mt. by me is like that. :mad: They had a Gen 3 G27 for $550. It was on sale too ($75 off). I was looking at their Taurus 85 Ultra-lite and they were asking $460 for them new (I bought mine from a local gun shop for $375 after shipping, background check, and his FFL fee). They had a SS competition Sig that I was drooling over and asked the guy why it looked dirty. The guy asked one of the other associates and he said that some guy came in really loved the gun and wanted to shoot it. So they let him take it to their indoor shooting range and put 200 rounds through it. Told them I'd give them $675 for it (they were asking $900) seeing as how it was used and hasn't been cleaned. He told me I was retarded. I asked if they were going to clean it for me then and he said no and it was still new as it hasn't been sold yet. This was after showing them the tag from Wal~mart showing the Remington UMC 250 round 180 gr. FMJ .40 for $79.00 (as opposed to the $110.00 they were asking) and refused to price match.
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    Gander mtn in my area had a 23 g4 for 699! And can't keep em in stock. Next door is a large gun store called Sniper Co... same gun for 559. Can't believe ppl wasting money and not shopping around.
  8. Exactly... and its too bad that people dont do reseach before they buy..

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    Got my glock 22 police turn in from cabelas, 488.00 out the door, two mags, cleaning kit, original fired casings, box, and original paperwork. Guess it all depends when and where you are, I did my checking around and at that time, that was the best deal out there for me to pick it up that day.
  10. The LE trade ins were all listed at 450 but in TERRIBLE condition, the best I saw, I would MAYBE pay 325 for...... ridiculously bad pricing and condition

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    Mine, here in AZ, was a trade in out of El Paso sheriffs office. Just came back from the factory with new barrel, new springs, and even new mags. Inspected it before I bought it though, looked great and still does. Just depends on what they got at the time. As far as average prices on guns and stuff, sportsmans wearhouse, big 5, and shooters vault all have the best prices, here in AZ that is.
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    I like going to the mom and pop shops in AZ...
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    The Cabela's in Reno is just minutes from the California border, and does a lot of business to the tune of California prices.

    I only get reloading supplies if at all there, and anything I buy is after I check MidwayUSA online, Natchez Shooters Supply, local Scheel's Outfitters, and local Sportsman's Warehouse....SW usually has the best prices around, but I am also glad that Scheels WILL price-match anything in stock with any local retailer's price.

    Research is the key.

    And yea, I have bumped up against the staff at Cabela's. Once.
  14. Heading out to another shop tomorrow and hopefully I'll find something a bit better

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    Had a friend that worked there, they always have the best prices, they have the new FDE Glocks for 499.00+tax. Of course this is several months after I bought my glock at cabelas, if only I had waited...
  16. AZ Pawn shops are usually good also

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    I just can't bring myself to trust any of them yet...
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    Its where i bought my first handgun. Took it back a month later and got back almost what i paid for it. Then went out and bought my first glock.
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    Personally, I wouldn't buy ANY firearm from Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop EVER again. Waaaaaaay over priced. I bought my Rem870 there. I guess they didn't have me fill out a piece of their paperwork, and the next day I got a message(1st message by the way) saying if I didn't come right in they would report it stolen!!!!!!! HORRIBLE customer service!!!!
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    I bought mine at Gander Mountain for $599, no issues, best price I could find in my area.