Can I go to Chicago, Columbus, and Milwaukee with a gun?

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    I can't seem to peace together a good answer. I am traveling TO Columbus Ohio, Chicago Illinois, and Milwaukee Wisconsin... Not just passing through. None of them honor Maine's CCW. Do I have to spend a whole week of my life leaving my gun at home?
    I know peaceable journey would let me travel through these states... but I'm actually stopping on business in each of them... So is there anyway that I can have my firearm? Unloaded in trunk of car? Is there some capacity in which the law would protect me to have the gun?
  2. Yea Illinois doesn't recognize no other CC license. An Chicago are not a gun friendly town. I know they have restrictions on high cap mags.

    I would try to get a hold local police for the answers. Cause if you get caught doing something wrong, telling them that someone on a forum told you that you could is not going to hold up.

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    Check local laws at the places you're going regarding carrying in cars, locked/unlocked, ect. and if/where you can store ammo. You dont have to be carrying it on you, you might can just have it somewhere like in your car locked up or whatever.

    But like I said, check state and local laws. Lexisnexis is a good website to look it up
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  4. Check with local authorities for the other two, but Ohio is now accepting all CCW permits.
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    Don't know where you are going in Columbus, probably downtown area, but its home to.........Ohio State of course.......a university.....where you cant even have a gun in your car on campus, and their campus is large and all over. So if you are doing business around campus I would tread lightly......
  6. My understanding is if you are a student or employee at the university that you can not have a firearm in your vehicle.

    If you are a visitor, state law applies. Meaning a CHL holder can store their firearm in the vehicle.
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    You have to remenber what the Democraps preach

    I think that means if you do not take your gun you won't have anything to worry about.The President and all of his Democrap party keep saying this.
    If Obama said it, It has to be true because he does not ever lie to any of us in America.

    Really though, I'm pretty sure the N.R.A. store sells a book with the gun laws in every state. It does not cost much but probably a great thing to have if you travel.

    Here ya Go:::
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    My plan is to, while in Illinois (I'll be visiting this state soon) to, right before I cross the border into Illinois, get out of my car and store my gun.