Can a Glock be used in close combat?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Matthew780, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Just wondering... Can a Glock be used in close-quarter combat without damaging the pistol? If so, what part of the Glock can be used to strike another person (such as a head shot)? I know the adjustable sights would go amiss no doubt. Just wondering if the slide has been tested in such a way. I'm also completely unknowledgeable as to how the polymer frame would withstand such a thing.

    Just wondering. I mean, if a man has to, he has to... I'm just wondering if you'd still have a functioning weapon afterwards or if it would totally trash the thing (as in having to be thrown away & replaced).
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    Just curious what sparked this interest in the first place? I suppose that if you held the glock from the muzzle end and struck a person with the rear sight area of the gun that it would be effective since you have the weight of the magazine and most of the frame behind the strike to assist, strike with the slide/sight section first instead of the mag/frame part as it is stronger...

    Now back to my question... The reason I ask is cause nobody should really be putting themselves in that situation to begin with. Now yes I agree unforeseen events happen and it is a possibility that one could stumble upon this situation but as a CCW handler you are trained to make every effort to walk away before engaging and ultimately drawing your weapon...

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    Good question, NY...

    I am somewhat of a student of Krav Maga. That training is all about close combat with only one goal: to live. It's just an interest of mine. Because of that, I was wondering if a Glock can be used in such a manner and still be operational after a deployment to, say, a head, lol.

    I would hope a situation like that NEVER happens and it's true enough in all you've said in doing everything possible to avoid such a thing, but it's not unheard of to be jumped in a surprise situation, where you come under attack before you've even seen your enEmy.

    All that said, I wouldn't strike anyone or anything with a firearm holding it by the barrel. If a bullet was chambered, there's just no way I'd run that risk. I can come up with a safe way to strike with it with the muzzle up & away in the safest directions possible. I was just wondering what it would do to a Glock or if the Glock has ever been tested in a way that say, the Desert Eagle has. Everything Israel has ever developed has been with close quarter combat in mind, including the Desert Eagle.

    Just wondering about the Glocks is all. Inquiring minds want to know, lol.

    Clarification: I understand there's a good possibility that I'll live my life (here in the US) and never have to deploy such knowledge. And even if a man is surprised in such a way, most times there's never enough time to even reach for a gun, let alone use it as a baton, lol. But? Still wondering, just in case such a thing is ever useful.
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    That's cool I understand why you are interested now... If you look at some of the torture tests that they have done to Glocks over the years there are impacts that far exceed the impact against another persons body/head and they still operate as good as new, shouldn't be a problem :)
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    Thanks Pal! (thumbup)
  6. For the life of me I cannot figure out why you would think that ANY gun short of a wooden toy could not hold up to this task, let alone a Glock.
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    If I were speaking of revolvers, it would be a no brainer. But there is ignorance on my part concerning semi-autos.

    Bubba? Thanks for the link!
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    To answer your original question, yes. Beat the living daylights out of them. It will survive as long as you do!

    Now, I hope you never, ever get put in that position.
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    Wail away!

    Go ahead and clock that attacker Krav Maga style with your Glock. You won't break it, just maybe a bone or two on the other guy. :D
  10. This thread reminded me of this....


    I agree with everyone else... Should do just fine!
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Alrighty then! Questioned answered, LOL! Thanks guys!
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    If your in a life and death situation that you need to use it as a bludgeon don't worry about it breaking at that moment. Just do it and live, worry about what happened to your firearm after your safe. But if you want a bludgeon carry a Hi-Point. :)
  13. I have no doubt a Glock can do more damage to a person then to the gun itself in a striking situation but ask yourself this... What happens if the damage intended fails? Now you have an assailant that knows you're packing and not shooting.

    There will be a good chance he's not gonna stop coming at you and now has the opportunity to get your gun and use it on you.

    Personally... I have taken martial arts for a long time and I know without a shadow of a doubt I can do more damage with my arms and legs then I can by swinging a Glock. You swing a Glock and you have maybe 100lbs of force coming down... you throw a solid punch or kick and you can have a hell of a lot more...

    Just my .02.
  14. You can knock someone out with the barrel of those things. It is a nice chunk of steal. I wouldn't do it by the handle cause then you will run the risk of it jamming cause the way the mag (free floating mag) is design to fit in the mag well.
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    Not that I advocate any of this in any way, but......

    I've seen glocks used to punch people straight on with the muzzle being the striking point.

    I've also seen glocks used to do downward or cross ways strikes using the mag well end and/or the bottom of the front side of the frame.

    Not things I would do, but it did not do any damage to the glocks.
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    Load up two 33 round mags and practice Escrima lol
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    Someone told me once that the outside point on the trigger guard made for a hell of a striking point.
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    haha, I love that thing, if i ever come across one of those I'm going to have to pick it up.