Can A Glock Be Disassembled Too Often?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Dustin WJ, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. When I clean my Glocks, I like to take the slide (and occasionally the frame) apart to get all the gunk out. Is there any reason why this should not be done often? Is it better not to for some reason?
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    When I went though the armorer school, I bet we detail striped each gun 40-50 times each. That instructor uses those same guns for every class... I'd say it's safe to strip it as often as you please. (but as an armorer, I can only recommend that it be done by an armorer ;) )

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    Why only by an Armorer
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    Stripping is alright. Detail stripping, going through the entire 39 parts is iffy, but don't try to replace the parts if you feel they need it. There are specific parts for specific generations, and an armorer is trained in this.
  5. Also, I usually wipe the internal parts down with alcohol because it doesn't leave a film. Is there something better to clean them with?
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    Technically, anyone other than an armorer going further than field stripping voids the warranty. Glock also says that cannot recommend or install anything other than OEM parts, it's just part of keeping my certification. Honesty though, I don't know of any parts other than sight that I would recommend beyond OEM parts.

    Back to detail stripping... There are only 38 parts in a Glock and detailing them is far from rocket science. If your going to do it, learn to do it right, and resist the temptation to break out the Dremel or files (like so many do) and you'll be fine.
  8. The warranty part is simply not true. I have used my warranty while telling them about having it apart on my bathroom counter while using the toilet.

    They do not care who takes it apart unless the damage is related to assembly.
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    I will not dispute that at all, but it is what the manual said. I think it is more of a CYA statement for when they might want or need to teach Bubba a lesson. my few experiences with Glock customer and technical services has been nothing but spectacular.
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    Back to the O.P.
    Yes... you can take a weapon apart too often. Field strip in general is fine. As far as a detail strip, any weapon including a Glock, every time you drive the pins through the holes will wear slightly. Over time you have a very loose pin. Also a Glock armorer... Glocks are simple and easy, however at times folks will find themselves in trouble due to their own ... uneducated guess on parts etc. What Jim Bob down the street has on his gun may look super cool... But... well you get the idea.
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    i'm not a glock or any other type of armorer but i detail strip my guns. what is the big deal about being a glock armorer. i went to school for a lot of trades in the Army but that does not make me a certified mechanic, you learn by taking stuff apart and putting it back togheter. OJT. that is how we learn, by our mistakes. when i bought muy used g19 the clerk took out the ny 1 trigger and put thr org, back in and i watched, then i knew how to strip it down. just my 3 cents, thanks.
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    very true about the Dremel a lot of guns has been ruined by a Dremel, keep it away from the feed ramp.
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    As I said, strip it down if you like, but I do not recommend replacing parts. Glock parts are very specific, and one trigger bar you pull out of a glock 23 may not fit another 23. Armorers are trained in this. And as for "learning from our mistakes", not wise when dealing with handguns. Especially ones nicknamed "kabooms".