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  1. DevilDawg235

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    I'm fairly new to Glocks and ever since I purchased my G19 I absolutely fell in love!

    I chose .9mm for different reasons but lately I have been contemplating on a bigger caliber such as .40. After reading about changing barrels and that the G19 and G23 are compatible, I've decided why buy a whole different gun when I can just change the barrel. The day I came across that info, I failed to read it in details amd just now realized that is something I'm looking to do if possible. My question is the following:

    Is my previous statement true about the G19 & G23 being compatible? If so, where would be the cheapest place to look for a barrel of that caliber? ( .40 )

    I figured I can shoot the cheap .9mm ammo and still be able to carry a stronger round if needed.

    Thanks in advance guys!!!

    Shoot Straight! :)
  2. iRockGlock

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    You can not shoot 40sw out of a G19 with a conversion barrel.

    If you want to shoot both calibers, you will have to Buy a Glock 23(40sw) and buy a conversion barrel to shoot 9mm for the G23.
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  3. DevilDawg235

    DevilDawg235 New Member

    Wow, thanks a lot brother. I kinda figured I would have to buy a 23 or 27.
  4. iRockGlock

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    Yea man no problem. That's why everyone love the Glocks in 40sw, they're so versatile.

    But don't think the 9mm isn't good enough for carry. Carry that G19 with confidence, I do!
    Get your self some good premium 9mm hollow points like PDX1 or Speer gold dot and you'll be set. Save up for that other Glock ;)
  5. jimmyalbrecht

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    Also, you cannot just change barrels from one gun to another. If you have a .40 caliber Glock, you MUST buy a conversion barrel.