Caliber preference? 9MM? 10MM? .40? .380?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Dragnet, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Dragnet

    Dragnet Member

    Was wondering what Most are buying/owning?
  2. Olga17

    Olga17 C19 sounds like G19 Supporter

    9mm, 45ACP with conversion barrel for 10mm
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  3. LostinTexas

    LostinTexas Well-Known Member

    40 is the caliber of our home.
    Dis Gon B Goodl.gif
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  4. Dragnet

    Dragnet Member

  5. Dragnet

    Dragnet Member

    I have all the mentioned caliber n know that allot of law enforcement use .40......although with the advances in the 9MM round n the softer recoil...their slowly transitioning back, cause allot of millennial recruits are having problems qualifying ....specially women
    It’s 2020
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  6. LostinTexas

    LostinTexas Well-Known Member

    All two bits and a dollar, grandma LostWife laughs at you. I find her XD in 40 very similar to the Ruger in 9mm. She seems to concur. The Ruger carries 17, the XD 16.
    9MM has reached the stellar level of adequate. The reviewers don't seem to like some of the qualities of what I consider "better" 9MM. We all have what we deem to be best qualities. A lot of agencies are going to 9MM. We'll see how that goes soon enough, I guess when the first high profile altercation happens. I hope it is a very long time before that happens, though.
    We do keep some around for prosperity, but they are safe and range guns.
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  7. John in AR

    John in AR Well-Known Member Supporter

    Full disclosure: for a long time (1980's to late 90's) the only handgun calibers I considered acceptable for defensive purposes were 45acp and 357 magnum. Period. If it was a revolver, it was in 357 and if it was an auto it was 45acp.

    Now I'm not so worried about caliber and have primarily switched to 9mm. The fact is that the 9mm ammo I carry today is more powerful than the 185-grain 45 JHP's I carried in a mini-1911 back then, plus I get the added bonus of having more of them. IMO, as long as a decent caliber is chosen - like the ones you list and some others as well - ammunition choice is often more important than caliber choice. You can have good ammo in 9mm and crap ammo in 9mm; you can have good ammo in 40 S&W or crap ammo in 40 S&W; and so on. Also, gun choice (imo) is more important than caliber choice.

    Basically, within very broad limits I'd let someone else pick what caliber I carried as long as they let me pick the ammo and the gun. I'll take a glock, HK, Kahr or M&P in .380 over a HiPoint in 10mm anytime.
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  8. Defendandprotect32

    Defendandprotect32 Well-Known Member

    Caliber preference to do what?9mm with hst,s or gold dot 124 + p .12g with low recoil oo buck in a tac shotgun is great for home defense.should have a firearm with a light or tritium sights for nighttime at your side.a double stack 9 mm with tritium sights and that defensive shotgun with a mounted light , I would feel secure.g19,p365,s\w shield for handgun,Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 series for shotgun.
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  9. Greywood

    Greywood Low speed High drag Supporter

    Right now I'm buying more 10mm than 9mm.
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  10. SixG17s

    SixG17s Well-Known Member Supporter

    9mm 127+P+, but in the way back, .45acp. Own a G20 for hunting, and a G31. Had a couple of G22's for competition, Open Major USPSA Division, they are fine also. Never owned a .380acp.
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  11. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I collect them all. 9mm is probably most practical, but I love my 10mm’s also.
  12. Southlake

    Southlake Salt Life Staff Member Moderator Lifetime Supporting Member

    HST 147 gr standard pressure. If I need more than that, then I failed.
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  13. mattm

    mattm last one, I promise Supporter

    not buying anything. I check ammoseek every day, and thank God for a wife who kept saying "buy more ammo" when hillary announced she was running for prez..also thankful for the overtime I got back then, which went mainly to fullfilling my wifes command. ;)9/45acp/5.56/.308-7.62x51/12 ga/.22lr. Various weights and brands.
    One ammo purchase this year iirc, though probably bought some jan/feb. Fiocci 9mm/1200fps at 20 cents a round., early covid era. Was cursing my addiction to ammo, then the covid hit...cured my addiction, and made me glad I had another case.
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  14. Pat Harmon

    Pat Harmon Well-Known Member Supporter

    I have enough 9mm and .40 as well as 10mm,but my go to is my (3) .40's model 22's and 23's..I go to the 43x next,but I really like the 10mm for home defense
  15. j102

    j102 Well-Known Member

    9mm and 357Magnum.
    Shotguns: 12 Gauge.
    Rifles: 223/5.56, 30-30 and 22lr.
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  16. Danzig

    Danzig I do hood rat sh%t! Supporter

    I had very similar experiences and carried similarly. Nowadays I’ve been buying mostly 9mm guns and ammo.
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  17. buddy157

    buddy157 Active Member

    9MM and .45 ACP
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  18. Sparky_D

    Sparky_D Gen 3 G19 Shooter Supporter

    9mm, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .45ACP are the only center fire pistol calibers I own.

    Not nearly as stocked on any as I'd like to be. I have more .45 ACP than anything, but only because I only have one forearm in that caliber.

    9mm is my ammo of choice when I find it. I have 6 firearms chambered in that.
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  19. Olga17

    Olga17 C19 sounds like G19 Supporter

    I never thought to list the non-pistol rounds!
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