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    Since our present government has perfected "Lying By Omission", knowledge of the existence of the Civilian Marksmanship Program, or CMP is uncommon. The CMP has been around since 1903, and it's stated mission is, "To Promote Firearms Safety and Marksmanship Training With An Emphasis On Youth". With as Vision Of "That Every Youth In America Has The Opportunity To Participate In Firearms Safety And Marksmanship Programs" The CMP was formed to provide a supply of Government Surplus weapons, ammunition, & support to schools, & private clubs across America. But the schools have to ask for it, the CMP can't go uninvited. All you have to do is join an gun club in your area that is an affiliate of the CMP, and you can purchase M1's of various grades & prices directly through your club. The CMP also has other rifles, (I just like the M1 the best). Heres a link. or this one for The CMP home pg. & history.

    But.... The CMP can't sell what it doesn't have. The topic of "Do You Think The Government Will Ever Take Your Guns Away?" makes me laugh. They already have, (By not telling you about the CMP) Of course you'll never miss what you don't know about, and your children will miss out on early age shooting instruction. And since Obama blocked the import of over 800.000 M1 Garand's from south Korea, The CMP won't have access to them to sell to you. So, for all practical purposes they've taken them away without you even knowing it. Clever little devils aren't they? Here's a link.

    So there you have it. Modern Gun Control through "Lying By Omission", But now you know. So, look into it if you want. It really is there,
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    Got a bunch of guys around here that have picked up stuff from them. I have seen pictures from inside the building where they sell. It's amazing!

    It is a shame that their stock is diminishing very fast. No more M1 Carbines, no more 1903s, no more Enfields, and a lot of the 22 target rifles are long gone.

    Maybe M1As and ARs will start showing up...yeah right!

  3. Hopefully Romney will get in and bring those M1's back.
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    Just reviving an old post to celebrate Dutchs receiving his M1 Garand from the CMP Program. And also to remind some of those out there, that some of us in here, always knew Obama was anti gun. Perhaps in 4 years we can elect a less hostile President, and the ban on the import of these fine weapons will be lifted. We need to bring them home. They belong to America.
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    A few years ago, my little girl became State Champion (Nevada) in the Junior Olympic 3-Position Rifle Shooter event, and was sent (with a few members of their JROTC High School Rifle Team) to Port Clinton, OH for the National Rifle Competition. She also participated in the Navy Nationals JROTC Rifle Competition.

    Port Clinton is home of the CMP.

    I think that, purely out of an evil desire to fill me with envy, she took pictures of the CMP store and from the entrace of their warehouse, and sent them to me from her cellphone. Many hundreds upon hundreds of M1's.....yes, I was filled with envy.