Bunch of Newbie Glock Questions

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  1. Hello All,
    I have a bunch of accessory questions that kind of take multiple categories so I just threw it in here.. Hopefully thats alright?

    I just bought my new G17 Gen 4 and am looking for some quick answers.

    I am looking for a simple, safe, comfortable OTW range/multipurpose holster. I see that Glock has that Sport holster for a pretty good deal. Has anyone had any experience with it and can give any sort of advice? Or any other suggestions for a decent holster that I should start off with?
    Also, with that glock holster. I see that its on the Glock Store website but only for the Larger Caliber models? Is there a smaller 9mm model sold? If so, where?

    As for a range bag? Glock offers the 1 pistol, but i am not sure what it will realistically be able to hold? anyone with experience or advice on a different one?

    Apart from Ammo, Eyes, Ears, is there anything I should be looking at to start off with? I dont plan CC'ing a full size 9mm but maybe if i am feeling like it, any advice on a good, comfortable ITW holster?

    Thank you so much for your help!
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    The Allen range bag is a nice bag. It's the same at the 5.11 just cheaper. I recommend some ear pro that's electronic. U can shot and carry a conversation. That's just a example only. They work great.
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    As far as holsters check out forum vendors they have quite a few holster options to choose from and from what I hear they are great to work with... Mike p. I hear makes great kydex holsters... Support the forum vendors as they support the forum and offer great products at really good prices....
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    As far as a holster. Blackhawk makes good holsters. Inside the waste band only if u need to. Or get a good pancake holster that's out side the waste band and it will be close to ur body. It's just as easy to conceal a compact as it is to conceal a full size pistol. I carry a full size glock all day long.
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    +1 on the vendors here...

    The advertisement banners at the top will take you to their websites...
  7. Thank you very much! I will check on the website vendors, I did not know about them!
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    Stay away from the Serpa holsters from Blackhawk unless you get someone to show you how to use it and you train with it. That holster has caused more negligent discharges with people shooting themselves in the leg than any other one I've read.
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    I use Serpa holsters without a problem. Your gear is only as good as the person using it. Gear doesn't cause negligent discharges, stupid untrained people do.
  10. We use Serpa Holsters as our duty holster in the Navy. As I agree with chilly613 that it is all user error, I am just not looking for that type right now.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I made my first holster out of some leather scraps... Still have it, still works, looks great.

    The vendors here are great. MikeP is awesome!
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    Everyone is on the Serpa hatin bandwagon. I've used them since they came out without a problem. Beware the Internet. Some people are making outlandish claims against Blackhawk and the designer. Reminds me of the "Glocks going through metal detector" bandwagon and Glocks going off by themselves.
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    I had to post this. (I am no a serpa hater. I love mine) Sorry if this is a threadjack.

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    Sherpa is ok if you can find one with out the finger release if you find one for a 26 of a 22 pass it along I will buy them or trade for them
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    Cmon you gotta love Tex Grebner. See his appearance on Tosh.0. There are videos that explain why there are NDs with the Serpa find them on YouTube. Make your own decision.
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    As for an OWB holster I love the safariland ALS. For IWB I truly love the White Hat Max Tuck. Look them up. Great company that backs up their product.

    I keep a small first aid kit and a set of binoculars in my range bag along with basic cleaning gear. Also a stapler and tape.
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    LOL Not really, but... Why wasn't his safety on, he was carrying a Kimber 1911, safety shouldnt come off until youre on target.

    Any way to the original post, get what is comfortable and works for you. The holster depends on how you'll be carrying your weapon and what you'll be doing with it. For ears, I'd go with Howard Leight Impact Sports for electronic muffs, but the Surefire Ear Pros are great if you want light weight. Range bag again depends on you and what you'll take to the range. Midway USA sells a pretty good one that has removable pouches. LAPolice Gear has some at really good prices. Good luck, welcome, and let us know what you go with.
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    Thanks for posting this. I hope it makes me a better and safer shooter thinking about things like this happening.

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    The Glock Sport Combat holster comes in all of Glock's caliber sizes.

    The holster will accommodate belt widths from 1.25" to 2.48". The SM fits 9x19, .40 and .357 (G17, G19, G26, G34, G22, G23, G27, G35, G31, G32, G31) and the LG fits G20, G29, G21, G30 (except for the G36) and .45 G.A.P. caliber GLOCKs pistols.

    You select the caliber in the "size" option upon ordering: https://store.teamglock.com/sport-combat-holster.html

    A cleaning kit is a must-have: bore brush or snake that fits your caliber; cloth patches; cleaning solution (such as Hoppe's 9 or Ballistol); lint-free wiping cloth; q-tips; old toothbrush; oil/lube (I use Hoppe's brand lube).

    A fun-have: white crayon or white nail polish to do the lettering on your slide. ;)