Bumped into MY perfect carry gun...

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Trotac, Apr 16, 2012.

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    A while back I began swapping my duty/ carry guns back to 9mm from the .40's that I've carried for so long now. I got a blue label 34 at the first of the year, and then I've just been waiting for the right time on a 19 for my plainclothes/ off duty gun.
    The right time arrived today... As I perused one of the local shops, I saw a heavily Robar'd 19. It had EVERYTHING done to it that I have to have done to my guns (full grip reduction, stipple job, and a beavertail) all the way down to my preferred sights, the Ameriglo Pro I-Dots. The price for this G19 with $500 worth of custom work... $480 out the door. Needless to say, I left the shop a very happy man as that is cheaper than I could get a blue label gun and the sights not even to mention the time I would have spent doing all of the other stuff.
    To boot, it is also an Austrian proofed gun, which I've never had, so that is kinda cool too.

    Here she is!
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  3. hellova deal... nice find.
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    Very nice...how about a close up of the Austrian proof marks...
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    Cool beans ! Any pics of the sights?
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    Austrian proofs...


    Detail of the Robar work...


    Sight picture... (the lighting in my shop doesn't do the orange front sight justice)
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    480!? Wow....thats awesome
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    Very very nice!
  9. Sweeeeet! Love the grips.
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    One word..,AWESOME!
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    Thanks for the comments guys. I just broke it down for a good cleaning and inspection. Everything looks good, so I'll be going in a couple of hours early tomorrow to get some shooting and a qual done.
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    So did you have your "On Duty Gun" Pointed at the guy in the shop when you stole... I mean bought this Gun?:eek: WOW is all I can say! It has been several years since I got this kind of deal! I thought these kind of deals were like the old Harley Barn finds... Only stories told from days gone by! Good Deal! I am glad for ya!:D
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    Awesome. Price was unreal.
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    I guess that shops have gotten used to seeing so many butchered stipple jobs and other "bubba-ized polymer engineering" that they assumed this was just another one, and that they wouldn't get a decent price for it. (actually there were two other 19's that had horrible plastic work in the case with this one, but I didn't feel like a fixer upper right now).

    I know there are plenty of "bubba's" doing excellent stipple work these days, but most guns I see in shops look like they were a practice guns (I hope). On the same note, I don't think stippling is worth $2-300 like some people charge but somebody spent a lot of money on this pistol that they definitely didn't get back! I'm super pleased with it.
  16. NICE! I like the sight what make are they?
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    Is the Austrian proof marks make them more valuable? Harder to get? Harder to find?
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    good find I'm liking it!!