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    An old video and news story but worth seeing again. First video link is full of "OOOOOH DAMNNN!" The other two links are just follow-ups. Interesting thoughts beyond the incident: Why does the video resonate with so many viewers worldwide? What's the butterfly effect now on the bullier's life? (Will he grow up and murder a dozen other people along the way?) If this had happened in America instead of Australia, there undoubtedly and unfortunately would've been a lawsuit. Notice how everyone initially just watches, wanting to see drama.


    I say good on the kid who stood up for himself, Casey Heynes. Maybe we'll see him on the MMA circuit in another ten years. Loved the way the bully stumbles after the bodyslam like a drunkard tossed out of a bar. Watch it again and again -- I know you will -- and tell me you don't think of a gorilla who had had enough and just snaps off his tormenter like a ragdoll.
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    Bullying is at the top of my list of low behaviors. Zero tolerance. Got to fight back hard & mean. Just plain despise a bully.

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    My son was the target of a couple bullys until he shot up a few inches and blasted one in the nose > My son is 13 been in martial arts off and on since he was 5 . He is 5'5" and solid. They kept screwing with him . I told him next time they lay a hand on him to do what he was trained to do .. Well a kid grabbed his shirt and lifted up a lil , then BAM blood everywhere.

    Principle called me and explained what happened and that Brandon was suspended for a week, I said np Ill come get him. She said I assume you will talk to him . I said I already did and that why he defended himself .
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    BTW I love that video. FK that lil prick
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    I love that video! F--- bullies
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    Lol i remember seeing this when it first went on youtube, still funny...