Bullet Shakes in mag.

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by urbanopsarmory, Feb 24, 2012.

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    I searched this but can't find it anywhere so I thought I'd post.

    I started noticing a clicking in my mag when I was walking. I popped the mag out and I noticed round 7 was bouncing around front to back. I can clearly see it move away from the counting hole. Anyone know whats up or how to fix it?

    Oh ya, I have a 15 round mag and one is in the chamber, so 14 when it shakes.

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  2. Here's one explanation about mags in general. Its normal.....


  3. Here is another about Glock slide rattle, again its normal.....

  4. G-23

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    Disassemble the mag and clean it out. Check for burrs.
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    The Glock mag shake is common and normal, it is due to the rounds lining up in the mag but the middle rounds are not as tight against each other... The reason is that the bullets as they move upward they also start to face upward, look at the way your last round sits ready to be loaded, it faces upward and the one below it faces slightly downward... Nothing to worry about, will not hinder the performance of the gun, if you want to stop it then hit the bottom of the mag against the palm of your hand a couple times and it should stop
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    I agree, it does it on a few of my mags, but not all. It's annoying as hell but it's never functioned anything but flawlessly. I find taking a few out and giving it a good whack straight down on the base plate on my hand usually cures it, then load it back up.
  8. That is what I did to a couple of my mags that had a round shake. Palm started to go numb tho :p. All so unloaded it till it stop shaking then started reloading again. Took a few minutes but it will stop.
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    Thanks everyone, wasn't sure if it was an issue or not. Seemed to function fine, I just happened to start noticing it within the last week or so. I guess it's cause I carry all the time now. Really annoying but a bump seems to help.
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    Thanks Mike P, those video's were very informative. :D
    I already knew about the slide rattle but, not about the magazine rattle.