Bulk ammo?

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  1. glockguy13

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    I think I want to buy a lot of ammo at once to shoot whenever. I just want to know where to get it and what to watch out for. Has anybody got bulk ammo that had a lot of bad bullets in it?
  2. Glockmaster

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    Lucky gunner.com never had any issues! But sometimes you can get cheap ammo at Walmart to 100 rds for $ 28.00 .40 S&W also no probs yet!

  3. glockguy13

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    Yeah I'd like to get the 100 rounds for 28.00. That's what I need is 40 S&W. Thanks for the info
  4. SHOOTER13

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    All are good sources that I have bought from...
  5. bfish

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    Ya and that $28 is after tax for the federal 40 S&W not garbage like tula steel case or anything else... It's so nice I look at these online places and laugh at their prices having this option:) its cheaper and there isn't a shipping charge
  6. The only problem is that walmarts shipment is small... I know that my walmart gets their shipment on wednesday nights so I go there on thursday morning when I run out.

    A couple weeks ago my walmart only received 5 boxes of the .40 Federal 100rnd. so I bought all 5 lol
  7. bfish

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    Haha that's awesome man I wish I had this problem. I don't have the money to shoot 500rounds in a week haha maybe a month. But that's a good problem to have:)
  8. Oh me neither!

    I'm just saying that since walmart receives such small shipments and isn't able to maintain stock, when I saw the opportunity I purchased as much as I could. This many rounds will last me at least 2 to 5 months!
  9. bfish

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    Haha nice well its good that you can. I've never had an issue with them not having it and only once seen it low but ill have to pay attention to how much they have when I go buy some next weekend
  10. wvglockguy

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  11. WOW!

    They have really good prices! I was very very tempted to place an order!
  12. condor56

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    Are these bulk ammo places worth it after you pay shipping?
  13. I just put 10 boxes of ammo in my shopping cart at SGAMMO and the shipping was going to be $14.

    They have some really cheap self defense rounds.
  14. las4wo

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    SGAmmo is where I get my ammo.
  15. BocaDan

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    I used sgammo for some 7.62x54r rounds just 2 weeks ago. Very pleased with them.

    I also recommend gun-deals for searching ammo prices across many vendors/calibers/grains etc.
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  17. Tape

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    I think so, delivered to my door and no walmart professionals to put up with, took me an hour and 1/2 to buy a 10/22 rifle:confused::confused:
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    Hey Glockguy,
    Check out Bulletworks in Arkansas, I buy 1,000 rounds of .40 cal for $240 delivered. Thats $12/box, not even walmart can match that price. And this is competition ammo loaded to USPSA specs. Here is their website. http://www.thebulletworks.net/
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