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bug out bags!

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OK guys what in your bug out bags if u don't have one you definitely need one.
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This has been a hot topic lately. Pretty much posted on every forum I've been on recently. Even had a guy at work ask me about getting some stuff for one totally out of the blue.
I'm putting togther my BOB. Watching this thread closely not only for items to stock it with, but which bag to buy
yes we do, its on here lol. :p
yes we do, its on here lol. :p
OK! You got me on that!!:D
In my bug out bag I have first aid ammo batteries food water flashlight utility knife small fishingrod and a Hustler magazine lol. What's in your bug out bag ?
a Hustler magazine lol

Now that's funny!!!
My bag has a first aid kit , Fishing line , needles , 500rds of .40 , 200rds .22 , flash light , weather radio , and that's it for now still adding stuff when I can. Right now I have my dads old Army duffel bag but I'm going to have to buy a better bag soon. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!!

Edit: I see the post above with the links ;)
My bag has a water purification bottle and tablets, a roll of tp, batteries, Gerber Prodigy fixed blade, fire starting kit, emergency blanket, first aid kit/ blow out kit, chem lights, extra flashlight, 550 cord, zip ties; a couple boxes of 9mm, 5.56, and 00 buck, 5.11 packable jacket, 2400 cal Mainstay food bar, gerber multi tool... Can't think of what else. I know I need to update my bag and circulate some things.
I just bought the Team Glock backpack for this had been eying it for a long while. Got a great deal at twenty bucks.
zachG23 said:
OK guys what in your bug out bags if u don't have one you definitely need one.
Any glock would kick a zombies butt!
CUSTERS LAST STAND or THE ALAMO! I ain't bugging out I will stay put! Too Old and too many med problems. 2 road subdivision that is heavily armed and provisions stocked back! Small Town USA But if I were to make a Bug out bag it would be the most comfortable backpack I could afford. Freeze dried food or energy bars would be a must. Large knife or small Machete. small Hatchet. Ammo for Pistol and Carbine. Poncho, Space Blanket(s) no smaller than a 6X6 tarp (Light weight but strong!) Water proof Matches and fire starting materials. Extra pr of hiking shoes probably lightweight as I could afford! 3-6 pr socks! THere is more but I am having my headaches right now so I will leave with this, Size of Pack depends on How Much can you carry. Amounts of supplies depends on Pack size and how much you can carry. You should make a few dry runs with your pack to insure you can 1. carry that amount. 2. You have it packed right for maximum comfort and 3. you have necessary items in the right areas for quick access (Spare Mags, knife etc). One other thing It will become necessary in our lifetime to put this into action and I don't think it will be more than 4 yrs time!
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My BOB has several components, including large and small solar power set ups. Also Food Insurance emergency packs for me, my wife, our kids and their significant others. We have electronics in a Faraday cage. Mostly set for not bugging out, but lots of portables as well. Also lots of first aid and survival necessaries.
Few things I would suggest that people don think about.. Alcohol wipes 1000 uses and, you can carry a hundred taking up barely any space most first aid kits have maybe 1 and I would be shocked if it hasn't dried out. Also get a soft pack of baby wipes you spend a few days without a shower you'll kill to feel clean. Also as completely ridiculous as it sounds I keep a small kids size sponge bob fishing pole. Everyone says I have some line and hook... Well go use it and see if you can catch anything before you bet your life on it. Another item i would suggest is bungee cords another 1000 use item and they save alot of paracord building stuff. I'll add some more later
Great ideas Dave. Thanks!

I know it sounds McGuyver-ish, but a roll of duct tape might be in order too, to go along with those bungee and para cords.

Just my .02
Come on ******** where's the bailing wire/twine. Macgyver would have killed for some of that! And duct tape is definatly #2 on the list.
I have Chuck Norris in my BOB. Don't need anything else!
CountryMick said:
I have Chuck Norris in my BOB. Don't need anything else!
Man im like crying laughing now...haha good one
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