Breaking in a new G17 4th Gen

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  1. Hello everyone! So since this is essentialy my first post on this forum I will give you guys a small background.

    For the past few months I have been going to my local shooting range and have been renting/shooting various 9mm handguns. This will be my first gun I actually know. Obviously since I am here, I have chosen the G17 as my handgun.

    The main purpose for this gun will be a range gun so I can get more accustomed to shooting and maintenance of a firearm. That is why I chose a 9mm since ammo is relatively inexpesive.

    I will more than likely make the plunge this week when my local gun shop gets some new handguns delivered (currently out of stock). My main concern right now is breaking in the gun correctly. I am sure there are plenty of threads regarding this (could not find any while doing a simple search, also I am using the android app instead of my computer at home.

    While some people say using high velocity ammo is the best route, others tell me its a Glock and I should have no concerns. I am sure most of you think otherwise and would value your opinion.
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    Its a Glock, its ready to go. That said, in about 50 rounds the action will smooth out some. So, get a couple of boxes and head to the range. When your done, take it home and clean it. Enjoy and smile a lot.

  3. american lockpicker

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    Just get a few boxes of 124gr FMJ.
  4. rubikees

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    I took my Glock 17 Gen 4 to the range and starting shooting with the Winchester 115gr FMJ. A box of 100 at Wal Mart for around $20. After a couple hundred rounds, I had the trigger adjusted.
  5. EKY001

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    "Breaking in a gun" really only applies to precision rifles. With everything else it is pretty much people just trying to sound cool or the equivalent to a security blanket. Great choice of gun BTW.
  6. iGlock

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    Or 1911...
  7. Well, they finally had them in stock today at my local Cabela's. Bought it today, and hopefully can enjoy myself in three days!
  8. No break in needed. Don't clean it right away though, put 500 rounds or so through it, clean it and lube it with CLP and thats it.
  9. Just picked it up yesterday and put about 100 rounds through it. Absolutely love it!
  10. there is no need to break it in. It's a Glock, not a Colt 1911