Brass to tbe Forehead?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by geeteeohh, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. geeteeohh

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    I was at the range today with my new G23 Gen4, and out of 150 rounds, took two casings to the forehead. Is this just something that happens from time to time?
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  2. packnglock

    packnglock One in the chamber

    Same model same problem. Don't have it with my g22

  3. packnglock

    packnglock One in the chamber

    What ammo do you use? I thought maybe it was from my mid range hand loads. So i was going to work my loads up with a few more grains of powder and try them
  4. ;)
  5. unit44justin

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    Same problem with the same model here. There was another thread about someone that was having the same issue with a G19 and he sent it into Glock, I am going to wait until he gets his back and see what they did for him. Just wear a hat to the range in the mean time and you won't notice it.
  6. Matthew780

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    I agree. Either duck or wear a hat, lol.

    I have a 1st gen. 21 and I've never counted them exactly? But out of 150 rounds, I'll take ALOT of the casings right in the top of the head/down my face. I just wear a hat. The gun hasn't failed or malfunctioned even once. It's just the nature of the beast.

    So for "me", I've chosen not to fix what isn't broken.
  7. There are many threads on here about similar issues.:cool: I experienced it with my first and third Gen4's, one being a 19 the other a 17. Problem was easily fixed.
  8. Matthew780

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    Roger that:


    Or? For those that prefer this particular style:

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  9. Ha! :D

    Both of my occurrences were easily fixed by Glock. First time the 19 was sent back{gone 2 weeks}. After learning what was done, on my 17 I just had my local armorer order the parts for me for free and installed them myself in minutes.

    At no time did I make a circus out of my issues because I know Glock WILL make things right, I did plenty of my own reading, was aware of some Gen4 issues before I ever bought any Gen4's and wasn't surprised when I did have issues. The two Gen4's I have that had minor issues perform better now than the best Gen3 I've ever had and then some.
  10. Matthew780

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    Roger that! I still have a whole lot of catching up to do in the "Gunsmithing" section of the forum. If it ever annoys me enough, it's good to know there's a simple fix for it.
  11. brutusvk

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    I have actually found that getting in a real defensive stance (aggressive, balanced, isocsles) helps in this regard. Again, this is just my experience with my pistols. Usually the person next to me on the range gets nailed with the cases. I do have several hit me in the right shoulder area though.
  12. silver04v

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    The gen 4 has issues with this a lot it seems. If your ejector says 1882 on it, it is the old one and should be switched or to the updated one. I had it switched by my local armorer and I have no brass to my face anymore on my 22gen4.
  13. Dons86

    Dons86 New Member

    Same here, my 23 Gen4 will also do it every so often, maybe 2-3 casings every 100-150 rounds or so, which is'nt bad compared to my other're in danger of a hot casing no matter where ya stand around me! Lol!
  14. ChromeDome

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    I too have had hot brass to the face very rarely. Just reinforces the need for eye protection. I also found out the hard way that,for me, a ball cap (to cover my bald crome dome) is a very good idea. My very first trip to the range, I caught a rather large casing right on top of my head.:eek: It turned out that it came over a partition from the rifle section.:confused: I just happened to be at the adjoining stall for handguns. Lesson learned.:cool:
  15. packnglock

    packnglock One in the chamber

    Thanks for the info on the ejector!! Checked my 22 & 23 they both have the 1882 part number in them
  16. voyager4520

    voyager4520 New Member sells the Gen4 .40 trigger housing w/28926 ejector. I received one and it doesn't have a number on the ejector, but it is the 28926 ejector. If your gun is a Gen4, all you have to do is swap the trigger housing w/ejector, if it's a Gen3 you'll have to remove the ejector from each trigger housing and put the 28926 ejector into your Gen3 trigger housing to use in your Gen3 gun.

    If you continue to experience erratic ejection with the new ejector, it likely means that the extractor is out-of-spec and replacing it should fix the problem.

    There's a new ejector for 9mm to address the same issue, it's stamped 30274. So far only and have been confirmed to have Gen4 9mm trigger housings w/30274 ejectors, and they're both backordered.

    If you have the one of the old ejectors, there's no need to install the new ejector unless you're experiencing erratic ejection. The old ejectors work just fine, the new ejectors were made to change ejection enough to compensate for another problem.

    Here's a similar thread on the issue with more detailed info on changing the ejector and detail stripping:
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  17. Strange you say that because the 9mm one I had my local armorer order and installed myself on the 17, the 30274 was barely and I mean barely visible compared to the one I received when the 19 went to Smyrna. At first I thought it wasn't there until I had it under bright light.

    The one I got for the 17 was just the ejector not the entire trigger housing.
  18. Hurricane460

    Hurricane460 Glock Doc..

    The indoor range I shoot at has close partitions to each shooter. I have found not so much the brass coming out of the gun a problem but the brass bouncing off the partition the problem.
  19. Dons86

    Dons86 New Member

    My casings perfectly make it over the 6" gap above the partition at our range, had a couple guys get irratated with me on a couple occasions, so now I bring a piece of poster board and tape to cover the gap!
  20. SquadCapt4

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    This is one of the many reasons I like this forum so much. I thought I was the only one coming out of the range bleeding from the forehead!! I just chalked it up to my stance (modified Weaver, pistol closer to my face). Now I can have the armorer fix the problem. Timely post.