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Discussion in 'Law Enforcement & Military' started by LT2108, Apr 11, 2012.

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    I just got to thinking today, how many brasses of departments (Chief's, Capt's, Lt's, Sgt's) actually qualify with their duty weapon on a bi annual basis.

    I currently am the firearms instructor for my department and am in the process of qualifying our officers ( 1st of 2 this year). And today I qualified my Chief with his duty weapon (G21, which is the duty weapon of our department) and also qualified him on his off duty weapon (G30).

    After this session, I got in a conversation with other officers and was talking about supervisors not living up to the same standards as regular patrol officers simply because they do not work the road, however this is not the case with us because our chief is very active in day to day operations such as high level felony arrests, raids, SWAT callouts, etc.

    So my question is how many, of any are not aware of their supervisors going through the same training as required by road officers?
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    Wow you guys qualify twice a year. I wish I got free bullets twice a year :(

  3. We practice quarterly with annual qualification. My boss is right there with us and is a very good shot.
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    Yes we requal twice a year, and the range is open to all officers to practice, as long as I am there (Department RO)
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    We are annual but the same standards for all ranks. (on paper anyways)

    One local agency quals quarterly.
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    with my PD...once a year. Used to be more, but apparently there is a "HUGE" savings in ammo costs going to just 1x per year.

    With NCIS...once a quarter.
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    All sworn qualify once a year, brass or not.
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    Lt's on Down were all qualified together and Counselors, Captains and Administrators were usually qualified together. But if they had a Good excuse they could make it up at another time. :rolleyes: