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I was just wondering if any ones uses a brass catcher on their glocks at the range? The reason that I ask is cause my G21 can fling .45 acp casings pretty par. At least a couple of lanes down at the indoor range I go to. Even tho no one complains about it, I was just thinking about be courteous and doing something to avoid this. I have had my far share of other people casings in my booth too. I don't mind but just saying.

I found this: to me it looks like it could make your firearm unbalance hanging of to the side like that.

So dose anyone use such a product? Or have any good info on such a product?

Like I said its not a issues at the indoor rang I go to, its just something I am looking into to spare people from catching a .45 acp casing.

I'm sorry but for $80.00 I'll pick up my brass.
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