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  1. I was just wondering if any ones uses a brass catcher on their glocks at the range? The reason that I ask is cause my G21 can fling .45 acp casings pretty far. At least a couple of lanes down at the indoor range I go to. Even tho no one complains about it, I was just thinking about be courteous and doing something to avoid this. I have had my far share of other people casings in my booth too. I don't mind but just saying.

    I found this: to me it looks like it could make your firearm unbalance hanging of to the side like that.

    So dose anyone use such a product? Or have any good info on such a product?

    Like I said its not a issues at the indoor rang I go to, its just something I am looking into to spare people from catching a .45 acp casing.
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    SHOOTER13 RETIRED MODERATOR Sponsor Lifetime Supporting Member ! I would think it would ruin the experience or get in the way.

    Just me 2 cents !!

  3. That is what I am thinking to. An all so think it will interfere with the sight picture. Like I said just looking to be more courteous to the other shooters at the range. I guess catching other peoples casing is just part of the experience of going to a range lol :p.
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    Another reason I wear a helmet...

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  5. lol nice! I will have to look into that ;)
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    I'm sorry but for $80.00 I'll pick up my brass.
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    I once saw this bizarre contraption at a gunshow, a brasscatcher, and bought it, like maybe 7 or 8 years ago.

    It looks like a butterfly net that straps to your wrist, and positions to catch the ejecting brass.

    It is gathering dust someplace in the storage shed. Awful device. Didn't help.

    Been picking up my brass the hard way.