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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Stacy, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Hello to all. I have short fingers and the glock grip is less than ideal for me. I am considering a grip reduction by David Bowie but want to hold one of his modified guns before I commit. I want to make sure I like it.

    I would be forever greatful to anyone who had one that would let me see it. I live in East Tn. at the Virginia border. Also, I will be traveling soon to the OBX in North Carolina and am frequently in the Raleigh area. I would be willing to drive a couple hours if need be. Anyone I can hook up with?

    I know some say switch brands to something that fits you but I carried a Glock 6 yrs on duty and am sold on them. Right or wrong I just would not have the same confidence in anything else. I can shoot it ok the way it is but want to modify my own to make it perfect for me. Thanks
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Stacy !!

    Can't help you otherwise, but someone may... so stand by !