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    After surfing this forum and others over the last several weeks, I finally bought a Glock 17 – my first Glock. I bought the Gen 4 version and a great deal at gun store in a western suburb of Chicago. Reason for buying is a combination having something for home defense and recreation (GSSF). Concealed carry is not allowed right now so I chose the 17 over the 19 to have a bigger barrel/sight line. Several gun manufacturer reps were also at the gun store including Glock so I also got a Glock hat, Glock range bag, and Glock Gunsmith bench mat. Beyond the deal on the Glock 17, the freebies are worth nearly $60.

    Also, the gun store had great customer service. This is worth mentioning because I have been to several gun stores in the last few weeks (from Bass Pro Shops, to Cabelas, to at least five mom and pops) and most treated me like an interruption in their day. Maybe because I look really young they did not think I was a serious buyer/customer. But I looked at how they treated other customers and it was somewhat consistent at many stores.

    My wife was with my as well, she saw a gun she really liked, and they helped her process a FOID application in five minutes without hesitation.

    I will certainly be going back to this shop and I happily pass up four other gun stores on the way! The longer drive will be worth it.

    I really appreciate all the info I found on this forum.

    Pics will be posted soon.
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    Congratulations! Well Done +1

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    Congrats! I feel the same way about customer service.