Bought a couple 9mm 33 round mags today

Discussion in 'Glock Accessories & Gear' started by G-man, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. G-man

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    Went to a gun show and bought myself couple 33 round mags. Payed 50 for both. One of them was the glock mag(brand new) and the other is some Chinese made b.s. went home to play with them and like I said the Chinese one is garbage. the glock one works perfectly. Maybe the Chinese one will work better at the range.

  2. SHOOTER13

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    Couldn't you buy 2 Glock mags...!?

  3. Ogre

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    I paid $15 for a brand new Korean 33rd mag from Midway. Can't use it till I get a dangerous ord license from the Sheriff for "educational purposes" i.e practice. Such is Ohio. No matter though, we both belong to the same club. Anyway, I'd say open it up and look for any flash or burrs. If so clean it out, light lubing, make sure everything is seated. If its not feeding take the +2 extension off and see about replacing it with a plate that will fit since you paid so much for it. The added tension on the spring may get it running.
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  4. fls348

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    A what? I didn't know Ohio had a restriction on rounds in a mag....
  5. mwdenko

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    Huh? Ohio doesn't have a mag limit. If they did you couldn't buy them at a show or a store or online...

    I've got 50 and 100 rounders for different firearms.
  6. Ogre

    Ogre New Member

    RC 2923.17 Unlawful Possession of a Dangerous Ordnance

    (A) No person shall knowingly acquire, have, carry, or use any dangerous ordnance.

    (D) Whoever violates division (A) of this section is guilty of unlawful possession of dangerous ordnance, a felony of the fifth degree.

    RC 2923.11 Weapons Control Definitions

    (E) “Automatic firearm” means any firearm designed or specially adapted to fire a succession of cartridges with a single function of the trigger. “Automatic firearm” also means any semi-automatic firearm designed or specially adapted to fire more than thirty-one cartridges without reloading, other than a firearm chambering only .22 caliber short, long, or long-rifle cartridges.

    (K) “Dangerous ordnance” means any of the following, except as provided in division (L) of this section:

    (1) Any automatic or sawed-off firearm, zip-gun, or ballistic knife;

    From what I can gather and this is a topic thats been beaten to death all over the net on most forums. You can own them but not use them. Some people report LE not noticing or caring but there are reports of Prosecutors writing people up for it in Ohio. But this can be bypassed by acquiring a license from your local sheriff.
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  7. G-man

    G-man New Member

    I bought the Chinese one first. And after buying some other crap I only had 35$ on me and that's how much the glock one was. And I happens to see it on my way out also
  8. Ogre

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    The law has existed since 71'. Part of the issue is there is no law regarding purchasing and possessing 31+ hi-cap mags in Ohio, only in installing them. That's where the confusion comes from since you can buy them all day long every day that people understandably and logical believe USING them is legal. Additionally its seldom enforced. However people have been charged while many others have not. Its a silly stupid uneducated law that too many people are woefully unaware. If there was a greater knowledge of it maybe we could get it repealed.

    Additionally a belt fed semi auto is considered an automatic as well.
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  9. fls348

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    I don't live in Ohio, I was just saying I had never heard of that ordinance before. Interesting, I guess it falls under one of those things that it's ignored until someone can use it against you then it's one more thing to pile on....
  10. Glock19

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    This thread reminds me how great it is to be in the mid-west. I'm originally a California where law abiding gun owners are treated like criminals and criminals like royalty.
  11. Ogre

    Ogre New Member

    I apologize for hijacking the Ops a long winded tangent sort...
  12. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    Yeah, Ohio doesn't have a limit on *magazines* - the way the law reads, the limit is on the *firearm*. If you set up the firearm in such a way that you can get 32 bangs in a row, you are wrong. You can have 50 or 100 round magazines, until you insert them into the firearm. At that point, even if it's a magazine-fed bolt-action rifle, it is treated as an "Automatic firearm" and is subject to further asinine restrictions.

    Ogre, if you were so inclined, you could insert a block or sleeve behind the follower or under the mag spring to prevent the last three rounds from loading. Kinda like the block you'd have to put in your shotgun for deer or waterfowl.

    To continue the hijack a little more... :p

    Ohio has another spectacularly ridiculous stance on weapons... Firearms are regulated at the state level, but other weapons, including knives can be regulated at lower levels of government. The state says you can legally walk down the street with an AR15 slung across your chest, a shotgun over your shoulder, pistol on your belt; if you have a CHL, you can also carry an MP5 slung under your trench coat, pistols in pocket, ankle, and back pack. Completely inadvisable, but technically legal.

    But, in some (most?) of our cities if you have a 2 3/4" steak knife in your lunch bag, you can be convicted of carrying a concealed weapon.
  13. Ogre

    Ogre New Member

    I was thinking of that, I hear they do that in states like California (10rnd law) and is accepted for the most part. I figure since the law talks about design or adapting that I can "adapt" a mag to be compliant.
  14. G-man

    G-man New Member

    I wonder what it is in Michigan ????
  15. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    My plan is to trace the magazine insert, cut out copies on scrap Kydex and glue them together:

    I figure I'll need a block about 3/4 of an inch tall or thereabouts. As long as the top layer fits pretty snugly to the walls of the magazine and won't let the spring slide past it, I think it would be fine.

    While the firearms laws might be a little screwy here in Ohio, the enforcement of them seems to be pretty reasonable. I've never heard of anyone being charged for using a Glock magazine; I've seen the 33-round mags sold in local shops; I've talked to cops who didn't know Ohio had a capacity limit on magazines; and I've yet to find a shop that refused to ship 31+ round mags to Ohio addresses. There's been a lot of improvements to gun laws in the past few years; maybe we'll get rid of that one as well.
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  16. rjrivero

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    Since Ohio allows for private ownership of "Automatic Firearms" that are properly registered with the ATF, just register your Glock as a SBR. Then you can get a Roni, AND throw some 33 Rounders in there, just for fun and grins!

    33 Round Glock Mags + 9mm AR = FUN (even in OHIO.)

  17. Ogre

    Ogre New Member

    Nice, very nice indeed.
  18. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    CO is the same way, I can open carry, conceal guns with a CCW, but anything over 3.5" is a weapons charge on a knife lol.
  19. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    That setup looks fun as hell.

    The way the state law is written, you'd need to get ATF tax stamps for each of your 9mm glocks and anything that would accept those 9mm magazines - The AR you pictured, Sub-2k, etc. The ability to shoot 3 more rounds after unloading 30 before doing a mag swap just doesn't seem worth it when the cost is going to be $200 and flaming ATF hoops to jump through.
  20. Ryan92

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    I have two cheap knock off 33 rounders. In stock form they sucked donkey dick. I took them apart and figured,out what the issues were and fixed them, now they work great.