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    So my dad told me that he read, once you get your CCW you will start seeing boogiemen everywhere you go. AKA you'll see a situation that might be innocent enough but since you start looking around for bad things.

    Well I had my first one today. I was in the car at the ATM, at night, and the car in front of me hadn't had any movement for a minute. So I start looking around a bit, two minutes go by still no movement. So I look in the car and can't see a driver. Was thinking ****, maybe I'm locked in here with a staged trap or something. Roll up the windows, lock the door, turn down the radio, pull the 19 out and set it in my lap and wait.

    Well it turns out it was some older lady who was ****ing around and wasn't tall enough for her head to pop up over the head rest. After 5 minutes she finally started doing ****. And STARTED her transaction. After that I tucked the 19 under my left leg, which is how I will drive with it a lot. Never actually presented the gun, just moved it to a more accessible location.

    So lesson for the day, keep aware of your surroundings, and always make sure trouble exists before you act on it. Anyone else have boogiemen they've ran across?
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    Several years ago when I was 19 or 20 I had my sisters up from FL. So we stop at a local gas station and I run in to get something with them two in the back seat of my Toyata 4-runner running. While I'm in the store my buddy who see's my SUV, parks his truck and gets out and jumps in my drivers seat as to pretend to steal my car and scare my sisters as he knows im visiting. My sisters had NO IDEA who he was and they flipping out and trying to find stuff to hit him and scream. I walk out as he's backing up my SUV and for about 5 sec's I had NO IDEA who he was also as his face was turned and thought my SUV was getting stolen/car jacked. He immediately stops when I run up to the drivers side door and bang on the window and my sister was attempting to stab him with a screw driver. I know if this happened when I had my permit I would have immediately drawn in that situation and he would be dead. He said he would never attempt that now because he knows that would be a death wish.

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    I have not had any specific situations but that happened long before I got my CCW. Every time someone approaches me (like the people on the corner asking for money) I start thinking about all the things that could go wrong. In a way I think it is a good thing to see "boogiemen" everywhere you go. You never know what can happen and it is best to be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you. This is good as long as you don't act too soon.
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    Situational awareness is always the key.

    Assume the best, prepare for the worst.

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    RIGHT! Had he observed the car and it's occupant before pulling blindly up behind it he could have made better choices at that time of night.

    Try to remember, day or night; always leave room for you to manuver your vehicle around obsticles in the front or side while stopped in traffic when it is practical. Even a half car distance between you and the car in front can get you going if needed.

    Most importantly if you see (the boogieman) something that doesn't look right, keep your distance. There is no law that requires you to crowd others in your mist. Start taking mental notes, height, clothes, things that stand out, etc.

    Happened to me just this morning around 1 am. I got a call that a family was trapped in a hotel room because the lock failed. As I was presenting my bill (at a teller style window) a fellow shows up walking around the corner of the building talking on his cell. Too boyish looking to be out at that time of night I thought. Couldn't catch the jest of the conversation but he wandered off down the road toward the eastbound interstate. I thought it very odd that while he could have walked a shorter path thru several parking lots to shorten his trip, he chose to stay along the roadside last night. Why, probably just a hunch but I bet he was hoping someone would give him a ride.

    Guess who I see today at 11 am walking/coming off the westbound ramp? Yep it was him same clothes and all.

    Yes, I thought about calling the law but he really hadn't done anything wrong. Same today. Just be sure to look, note, and prepare to take action if it is warranted.
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    And I couldn't agree more, if I was more observant and alarms went off early I'd have not pulled up behind her. I'd rather not get into a sticky place than try to get out of it.