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    Any of you guys own body armor? If so, what brand? What rating? What level?
    Plates or soft armor?
    Where to buy?
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    My issued vest is a Point Blank, level IIIA with a soft trauma plate in the front. It's very thick, very heavy and pretty uncomfortable. If I had my choice I'd go with a III or a IIA.

  3. Danzig

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    Used to wear a IIIA with full wrap side panels. Like wearing a barrel. You need to figure out if you want a concealable/duty vest or SWAT/military hard plate vest or just plate carrier.
  4. Civilian / light duty: ZeroG
    Work: Pointblank Military Lvl 3 w/ plate

    old pics. yes i spray painted my vest black. works better

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    Level II is the minimum I would wear (9mm, .357 Magnum) but level IIIA is preferable (.357Sig, .44 Magnum). IIA is the lowest level. Level III is hard armor, as is IV. Full current standard is here:

    As far as brand, it really depends on what you intend to use it for. They all have to meet the NIJ standards, so no matter the brand, you get the protection. The difference is in materials used, which affects comfort level and concealability. If you don't care about concealability, then you can buy just about any brand.

    There are a ton of online police supply stores (LA Police Gear comes to mind) that sell to civies and you can find all sorts of body armor on eBay. You can also check out I'm sure there are a number of others.
  6. The zeroG is very concealable, I often wear it over a white beater and under a tee shirt in the summer. The PB not so much, but it isn't meant to hide. Thats why I sprayed it black, because at night it is harder to see in the shadows.

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    Besides conceal-ability, is there any difference in protection between soft and hard armor?
  8. to be very general: The soft stuff stops pistol rounds while the hard stuff stops rifle rounds.

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    you have a favorite company for Plate carriers… looking at Tyr tactical cause they are here in town...
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    I'd go to them. They're a good company. If anything they can guide you to what you're looking for.

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    they sell to civies? or do i have to find a third party?
  12. I got mine at a Military Surplus store. It was worn by a Naval Officer for about an hour and came in the original bag and box lol. I rarely put the plate into mine though, it's like another 12lbs or so it gets old.
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    How about knives?
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    On duty: Gator Hawk level IIIA with side panels
    Off duty: my own "chest of steel" :)

    When i was running Op's in Iraq wore level IV - rated to stop multiple 7.62 hits but HEAVY as all get out! (see attached pic)


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  15. IV like that is close to 40 pounds right?
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    Call em up. I used to have to show ID at some shops but alot are getting away from that. Some do some don't sell to civilians.

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