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  1. So... Any other bounty hunter fans here? I just ordered this little gem for my 27. Also putting titanium pins in. Polished barrel coming soon to a g27 near you.

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    Starwars, bounty hunting, Boba, & Jango Fett are KEWL & all, but personalized Glocks? Where is the dislike button?

  3. Brother... I personalize EVERYTHING!!!

    You should see the mod list for my bike... its silly really.

    Plus... its all removable if I don't like it. Just doing my part to help the economy.
  4. the_mule

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    Thanks. Buy ammo, lighten the trigger, holsters, sights, improve accuracy: all acceptable. I draw the line at chroming out Glock pistols. Hideous in my eyes. they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Sooo...Go for it!
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  5. Its funny because a year ago I would have agreed with you about the polishing bit but I just dig the little ring of aluminum color that sticks out the slide.

    It'll match my titanium pins and boba slide plate too... Its win, win, win.

    Ive spent thousands of dollars getting rid of the aluminum color on my bike and then just spend more to put it back on my guns.
  6. And FWIW... Ill be looking for the perfect sights for me at the gun show next weekend.
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    I'm into old school bounty hunters...


    ...I'm leaving for the range right now...gotta show the boys my new:

  8. Ha ha cool. I love the back plate. I agree with you on personalizing everything. I pretty much need to do it. My Glock, both my Mustangs, my daily driver, and my house. Only thing I leave stock is my CC (for possible legal purposes). I like my muscle cars chromed out, but not my new cars or my Glocks, but that is just my opinion though. If your going with a black and chrome theme then get them. Me I'd duracoat them to match the rest of my gun.
  9. thought you decided on i-dot pro's?
  10. That's a top a short list of ones I'm interested in.
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    I don't know, guys....

    Fan of Star Wars since I was a kid, but whenever I see the title of this thread I think of the tapioca drinks my kids always buy....:p

    That, and the offensive slang that the word is in Chinese.

    BUT, May The Force Be With You! :)

  12. What???? Tapioca drinks and offensive slang?? Never seen nor hear.
  13. 3L3C7R0

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    He's referring to the word "boba"
  14. I've never seen tapioca drinks named Boba nor have I heard that Boba was offensive word in Chinese is what I was saying. Then again I don't drink tapioca drinks nor do I speak Chinese. :rolleyes:
  15. Webphisher

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    Hell ya old school. Lets get a "Have gun will travel" slide plate :D
  16. Happysniper1

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    Pronounced "bow-BA", it is the tapioca balls in drinks, which are also called boba.

    Pronounced "BO-ba", is is a bad slang word in Chinese.

    All spelled the same.

    Where I come from, boba drinks are called "sago".
  17. Wild. Learn something new every day.