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    Most of what I shoot is cheap, aluminum-cased CCI Blazer ammunition. My G26 eats it like it's candy - around 5000 rounds so far.

    But, I have had a couple issues.

    First, on two rounds back to back, I've had what appears to be blocked primer channels. The primers in these two rounds ruptured. I heard and felt a "pop" on each one, and treated them as squibs.


    As you can see, the primers were both partially blown out, and the gun was particularly filthy after that session.

    The second issue is recurring, and makes me wonder if I should shoot blazer at all. It seems that during feeding, the bullets are shoved deeper into the case. Note the bottom round:

    I've taken to pocketing any live, ejected rounds, refusing to fire them until they've been checked. I know lots of people shoot lots of Blazer without problems; should I be worried about the bullet seating too deep in the case?
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    The test casing that came with mine is Blazer aluminum

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    From what I've heard from others, quality issues like what you've got there are to be expected. Other than that, it seems to be ok. Not great, but ok. Personally, I wouldn't shoot it in .40, because I don't trust an ammunition with known quality issues in a round that's so easy to blow out if overcharged or set back too far.

    I shot some in my .45 a dozen or so years ago with no problems that I remember. Of course, it's about that time that I stopped buying it too. From what I've seen, I can get brass cased ammo, from reputable manufacturers, for the same or lower prices, so there's no reason to shoot that junk.
  4. Problems?!?!?

    Stop using it if you have ANY issues! Not worth the possible loss of gun and or hand parts! We don't sell that stuff at all.
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    I find Blazer just too dirty/smokey. Whenever I get a guy on an indoor range in the next lane shooting it, I move. Stuff makes my eyes burn and irrites my nose and throat.

    It's okay on an outdoor range. I just don't use it.

    I've also noticed when someone else is using it, sometimes I see flash, sometimes sparks. It just doesn't seem to be a consistant load to me.