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I have a brand new BladeTech holster for the Glock 19 or 23 with TRL2/TRL2s light/laser attachment (will not fit any other light models). The gun will fit in the holster WITH OR WITHOUT the light attached to the weapon. It is made with upgraded carbon fiber and has the Tek-Lok for easy taking on or off without removing your belt. It can adjust to most common belt widths. It has the "Weapon Retention System" which is a latch that will lock your gun in the holster and can be removed easily for a fast draw with a quick press of the thumb latch release.

I paid $129.99 + $10 shipping for this awesome holster. It is a really good holster and the only reason why I'm selling it is because I bought it for my wife (who is really small and petite) and this holster is just to big for her and I have no use for it because I have a Glock 30 which will not fit. It is brand new and not even been taken outside or even used.

I live in Gilbert, AZ but if you live out of state I will ship it for FREE! So if you have been thinking about this holster for your G19/G23 and want to save $40 this is your chance to get it cheaper.

PRICE is $100 shipped

Here is the website where you can see the video on how the holster weapon retention system works-

Reply to this thread if interested. Thanks.


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