Blad-Tech IWB Hoster (also, I have a confession)

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    Blade-Tech IWB Hoster (also, I have a confession)

    Anyone have a Blade-Tech like this

    Or like this

    I am still on a quest to find an IWB holster that is comfortable. I haven't read where anyone on here is using one of the BTs. A guy that works at my local GS was wearing one and he said he has tried "tons" of holsters and the Blade Tech is the most comfortable he has tried. I like the idea of the snapped straps. Putting it on would be quick and easy.

    My confession: I have had my "tuckable" IWB hoster for over a week now (almost two) and I am sorry but to me, these "hybrid holsters" are NOT comfortable, they are too long and spread out. And, they are a pain to put on before heading out. There's no need in naming the company because I believe that they are all close enough to the same (design) that they would all give me the same discomfort I am experiencing, so there's no sense exposing the brand I have. It would sound like I am calling out a dissatisfaction with their particular brand when it's not the brand but the design of the long spread out platform that makes them uncomfortable. Plus, when I sit down the front lower corner of the leather jabs be in the leg/crease of my hip (again, too long and spread out). To me, spring clips are aggravating because of how tight they are. You have to fight them over your belt and fight them all the way down. The company I got mine from could not be more personable and helpful, it's not the company, it's the design.

    I think the biggest problem is that I am determined to wear it at 9 o'clock (I'm a lefty) that obviously is the equivellent of 3 o'clock to you right-handers. I think the reason it's uncomfortable is that it's just too spread out. The front clip is at about 9:30 or 10ish and the back clip is at about 8:30. The other discomfort is because the Kydex is just too flat. The flanges are wide and it spreads across my hip which is obviously curved. I guess if I were huge in that area it wouldn't be such an issue because it would allow the holster to be on less of an arc (or radius). I am by no means skinny but I'm not a huge man either.

    I have noticed that several of you have stated that you are wearing it on your back hip. I am now wondering if this was a preference or what you settled for because of the issues I have presented.

    Anybody else have a confession to make? (about hybrid holsters, of course)

    My main reason for this is to 1) find out if anyone has/is using the Blade-Techs listed above, and 2) to see if anyone else finds discomfort in hybrid holsters, or is it just me?

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  2. Ive seen them but Im not a fan of the "loops". I like the clips.

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    I don't know, seems to me that anything IWB at the 3 or 9 is going to press into your hip bone. If I were to wear in that position, I would get a quality OWB that keeps the weapon tight against your body. I have a RCS Phantom modular holster that I'm waiting for that does exactly this. Only drawback is it is expensive and the wait time is long.
  4. I have a hybrid IWB and can not wear directly at 3 oclock. Putting it there makes it near impossible to sit down, never mind sit down with any comfort. You pretty much have to roll it back to a 4 or 5 oclock position for it to be comfortable. But once I found the right position, it's worked great.
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    It would be hard for me to resort to OWB; I live in Florida and wear tee shirts and shorts about 300 days a year (or more). I could go that route on weekends when I go out or something, while wearing jeans and a button-up shirt. I guess if it would hold the gun high enough I could manage it with shorts.
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    I'm thinking I would like the loops just for the ease and quickness of putting it on. I'm pretty much worn out by the time I fight two spring clips :), not really but it is a fight.

    I guess after I knew exactly where I wanted to wear it, I could put it in place before I got dressed.
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    The main reason I am against this position is I have a difficult time completely concealing there. It feels like I would need to push it further around the back to keep the butt of the grip from printing.

    I am pretty much comfortable walking around, it's when I sit down. I know what would fix it, I was thinking of trimming the front bottom corner off, that's where it digs into your hip crease while sitting. I even thought I may drill a larger hole in the front fold of the clip so I could access the screw head with a screwdriver and run the screw through in the middle of the clip. This would allow you to also cut the bottom of the clip off where it creates that hot spot while sitting.

    But then, I think there has to be something better so I don't have to redesign an expensive holster just to gain comfort.
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    Eye_Peeled 8th Gen. Fla Cracker (not creepy though)

    I'm not trying to be confrontational with the suggestions, I appreciate them. I'm just presenting what I have experienced. There has to be something I will be comfortable with.

    I'm not new to CCW, I used to carrying a little Colt Mustang .380 if I knew I was going to be sitting for a while, or, I have packed my Beretta 92FS plenty of times but it was in a nylon holster which is very comfortable, it covers the trigger/guard but still, it's a soft holster. I don't want to carry the Glock in such a holster. The Beretta has the de-cocker that completely blocks the firing pin. I just wanted to get away from the heavy gun (Beretta), not necessarily the size.