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    I'm sure most of you here on the forum know what blackwater is. I think they are pretty dang cool and would love to go train their. From looking at some videos though some people think that the private military aspect of it is bad. What do you'll think. I'd train their in a heart beat if I got the chance
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    If I could do my life over again I'd do a tour in the service and then become a civilian contractor in a heart beat after I was discharged. I have my no issues with Black Water or any other private military company what so ever.

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    Yep I have no problems with any of them either. I leave for the army here soon and if ever get the chance I'll defiantly take it.
  4. Well you would have to train with whatever that new company is, Blackwater was disbanded. I forget the new name, a friend of mine makes 600+k a year flying for them. I worked for Blackwater during Hurricane Katrina and for considerable time afterwards doing contract work.
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    Oh I didn't know that. Well if they are as good as I've heard I'd train there still. Training is training. They just look like they got their stuff together and you can learn some good stuff their
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    They changed to Xe Services then changed again I think, don't know the current new name.
  7. It's a good company to work for, shady things go on there though. You gotta know how to CYA.
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    Yep I bet and that's what people are worried about because they said that most of the contractors do what they want. Like when they go overseas they do stuff they shouldn't but in my opinion that's all on the person not the company or contractor
  9. The responsibility is on the company. They put you under incredible pressure to produce results and don't regulate how you get there. Some people know when to draw the line and get fired if thats what need to happen, and others dont. Then some people just plain snap.
  10. Triple canopy is the new one and they are looking to hire
  11. I think TC is the company that took over the BW contracts, not actually the new BW. TC has been around for a long time.
  12. Oops I knew it had something to do with blackwater, so ok then whats the new company? Know someone in TC very good company to work for and pays quite well
  13. Yea TC treats their people well, not as much pressure on them from what I am told. I worked along side a few guys from there in NOLA.
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    And some people snitch. :mad:
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    If it's because someone crossed a line they shouldn't have and/or is a danger to themselves or others, I would hope someone would snitch. There are some lines that shouldn't be crossed, even in a war zone.
  16. Yes and no. When you are in the situation many of us were you need to be 100% sure that no matter what your team is a family and that family sticks together. If not people die.