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  1. Sarabian

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    I have a Serpa for both of my Glocks and one for my SigSauer P228. I also have the duty variety for them that I wear. I use the level 2 versions.

    Any thoughts or comments on these holsters?
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    For one thing, I think they are great for training new people in the safe use of a handgun. After many years of shooting, all of a sudden I was starting to develop the bad and dangerous habit of sticking my finger in the trigger guard on the draw. It got to the point it was distracting me on the range.

    Very bad with most guns...very tafiki-taboo with a Glock.

    I happened on the Serpa while buying a duty style Safariland for OD carry to and from work. I'd been seeing a couple of the guys turning in their OD's with these new holsters. They were getting popular with the rookies (probably because of their price), so I got one.

    Because of it's release mechanics, making your trigger finger index on the slide or the front of the trigger guard, it automatically retrained my motor-coordination skills. My problem? Gone. And if a simple fix to a dangerous habit is available, well, I'm all for it.

    When I introduce friends and family to the handgun experience now, they're wearing a Blackhawk Serpa.

  3. i had 4, now i only have one. for general walking around they are fine but catch yourself in some sort of situation on the ground, get debris or small rocks caught in that button and see how much you hate life then. I've had to cut one from a gun because i couldn't get it out. I only use the one i have for having one laying out in the house to simply keep the trigger covered. Knowing what I know now there is no way I would walk around outside with one and let my life depend on it.
  4. I've used them for about 4 years and I think they're great. I carry with one every day (sometimes concealed and sometimes open) and I've had no problems.
  5. Sarabian

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    Wow, Mike. I'm sorry you had that problem with them. That's the first like that I've heard. I certainly understand how you would have misgivings.
  6. I hate it to because I used to think they were the best until my buddy started making us custom kydex holsters. Theres also a vid on you tube where a guy experienced a one in a billion thing of having a shirt button fall off and land just right in the holster rendering it usless. He to had to cut his from the gun.

    In the past i had seen other reports of it happening but was in denial until it happened to me.
  7. I usually carry IWB holster but sometimes still use my Blackhawk,i have never had any issues with it and is by far the most comfortable rig i have worn,however on my 1911 GSG .22 i have had it get stuck in it's Blackhawk serpa and was a pain to get out

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  8. I use one every day unless I take my Mike's (now BH) concealment holster. I hate releases, so I modified the serpa to not have the trigger release. Very comfortable, very fast to draw.

    I used a dead sim card, got it in behind the button and super glued it.
  9. Sarabian

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    But if you disable the trigger catch, how does it stay in the holster? I just tried with mine and if there is nothing holding the trigger, the gun just falls out. I tried it on my G21 and Sig P228.
  10. Tension screw adjustment. I can hold it upside down and shake it and have been in plenty of rough and tumbles with it on, has never come out.
  11. here's my "test bunny" G19 in the holster over my laptop. I shook it, sturdy as a mouse, I bet my laptop on it. Disabling the trigger release was really easy. I make my own holsters, but still none of them are as comfortable as this one with the exception of my leg holster, but that doesn't work to well for CCW.

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  12. Levelcross

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    I saw this on another forum. Some valid points to consider here. I'm not trying to bash the holster at all. I have a Serpa CQC and have never had any problems with it at all.
    The retention screw was way too tight when I bought the holster, so I just loosened it some and no problems since.

  13. jfirecops

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    I know Tex, and if you listen to him tell the story, it is his fault not the holster. He was using a Thumbdrive earlier that day and his Glock, then switched to his Kimber and the Serpa to film that video. He pushed down like he was going to disengage the thumbdrive, which turned the safety off. Ass he pulled and hit the Serpa release, his finger went into the trigger guard, he blames himself for using two different types in the same day
  14. bhale187

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    I love mine, comfortable, secure, and fast access. What's not to like?

    I've been in a few scuffles with mine and never had a problem. I know a guy over on HKpro a couple years ago got into a knock down drag out fight with the bad guy making several direct attempts to get the gun out of his SERPA, it held up fine, and the bad guy did not get it
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    I love the 3 that I have but don't carry very often but can understand what mike p. is saying.
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    He has some valid points but all of them can be overcome with proper and consistent training. I've never had the debris binding up the holster problem but I suppose every holster if you look hard enough has some issue....

    Took me a while to get used to the Blackhawk CQC but now that I have I love it.