Bigger belt now need holster

Discussion in 'Glock Accessories & Gear' started by JakeE, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. JakeE

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    Right now I cc Glock19, iwb with Kore 1.5" tactical belt (my favorite belt) and I want to look at a new holster and the new kore 1.75" garrison belt. Need a bigger holster with this larger belt. So I wanted some feedback on any new holsters folks have tried or would recommend that wil work with my glock and 1.75" belt?
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  2. RevV

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    I am not familiar with your belt but CrossBreed holsters is often willing to make custom stuff for a reasonable.

  3. Lucian_253

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    What position do you carry?
  4. JakeE

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    Since my last post I’ve clearly had a lot of time on my hands at home to do my research and order my new setup- so went back to kore and picked up their new garrison belt. I measured it and it really is a full 1.75 inches wide as the company states. Same ratchet system as other belts which I am familiar with an really like. I went with the kydex IWB and loaded up the belt- the Garrison could handle the holster and with the wider belt I can now carry more mags and a knife now. First impressions having just tried it out for the day around the house and yard is that its a beast. I plan to post a better review once next month if this damn lockdown is lifted after I test this thing out for any of you who are interested
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