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    Ok. I bought this Bianchi holster at a pawn shop. Supposedly "used". I looked it over really well and it looks like it has never even had a firearm in it. Don't know a lot about holsters yet, but I liked it and he let me have it for 20 bucks. I put my gen4 G22 in it before I bought it and fit like a glove and I would say it was prolly the first one to ever be in this holster. Has US on the front and has a little stow-away cleaning rod with it. I just wanted to know if I got a good deal or if the feller got a good one over on me. Lol. I love it and as long as its worth it to me, I'm happy. Just want some opinions. Won't hurt my feelings a bit either way.



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    not sure what it's worth but sounds like u got a deal either way

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    That looks like the old standard issue M9 holsters the military use to issue before they switched to the Serpas. Not sure what they are worth though.
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    Yup, you got a steal. With pawn shops who mainly deal in guns and guns only, they get tons of carried ammo brought in all the time with the guns that are brought in to them which also includes holsters and other goodies such as magazines and clips. You can probally find some treasure if you go back their and explore. Thats where I got some black talons from and several 92fs's clips from and some speed loaders :D.
  5. Sounds to me it was worth every penny :)

    Enjoy your holster!
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    Decent deal on the holster. I read an article on John Bianchi designing the holster for the military at their request. Holster can be switched to lefty. A nice solid holster.
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    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate all the replies. I've been "playing" with it. It takes a little practice to draw quickly with it. I'm a 100% satisfied. :-D