Beware: REBUILT Glocks

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by triggerhappy, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. triggerhappy

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    I finally was able to save up and was ready to buy a G17 Gen4. Went to a gun show three weeks ago and found a deal of a lifetime: G17 Gen4 with Trijicon sights installed for $549. I asked the seller if it was brand new and he emphatically said yes. I inspected the gun and everything about the gun was brand new including the mags. Got the paperwork done and paid by debit card which is practically cash. When he handed me the case, I noticed the word REBUILT on the label. I literally cried because there was no way to return the gun. I cried more because I was ready and had the money to pay for a BRAND NEW one. People at the show tried to make me feel better and kept telling me REBUILT Glocks are just like new. Most times than not, they are brand new. And that they are rebuilt by Glock at the Glock plant. So I felt a little better.

    The following day, I had the gun inspected by a Glock armorer. He said the frame and slide are brand new. But the BARREL has been fired a "million times". He said it was probably a shooting range rental or a military training gun that was returned back to Glock. And although "technically" there is absolutely nothing wrong with the gun (or any REBUILT guns), it's just that it has been fired countless times.

    Lesson learned: if it's too good to be true, it is. I am still crying over my G17. I never even heard of REBUILT Glocks. Worse, I didn't even know such existed! So beware when buying Glocks at gun shows. If you can disassemble the gun, inspect the barrel thoroughly -- REBUILT Glocks can be a good deal if the barrel is new or hasn't been fired all that much.
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    If it bothers you that much, buy a new G17 barrel and sell the old one with full disclosure that it's a "well used" barrel.

  3. kent17

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    That bites.

    All three serial mumbers matched? Frame, barrel, & slide?

    Hard to believe Glock would go through all the work of creating a new slide and frame with numbers matching an old barrel -- seems like a lot of trouble just to save the cost of a barrel alone, doesn't it?

    I'd be back at that dealer demanding a *new* gun, just as he said he sold you.
  4. fls348

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    I have to agree and that sucks, but bottom line if it's shooting fine with the well used barrel, who cares?

    Obviously if it's inaccurate then go for the new barrel but until then run the hell out of it.......
  5. malladus

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    Glock doesn't, if a gun is rebuilt by having the frame, barrel, or slide repalced it usually has a modified serial number used to identify it has a rebuild or replacement.

    Also, just as a weird observation, I find it odd that they would total rebuild the gun and leave a used barrel in it. The frame and slide are way more expensive then the barrel typically. My guess is that it was probably a demo gun for their marketing folks or some one in the LE program or even a LE upgrade/buy back model. Typically when glock gets them back they go through and clean them up and replace any worn parts.

    Another option could be that it is a gun that was sent back because it wasn't operating correctly and they replaced it then reworked it and sold it. You can always call Glock and find out, their customer service is usually pretty good.

  6. voyager4520

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    Good idea, they should be able to tell you exactly what was done with it.
  7. Dirty J

    Dirty J This forum sucks.

    $549 with night sights is "the deal of a lifetime"?

    You can get the Gen4 17 locally (Atlanta area) for $499 and have the Glock night sites installed (by Glock) for $60 -that's $560 for a brand new one... you should have shopped around before considering a purchase.
  8. voyager4520

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    Better yet, get a GSSF membership and go to Ed's Public Safety. I'm not sure if you can sign up right in the store for GSSF and buy a blue label on the same day anymore, or if you have to sign up and wait for your membership card to arrive. I know you have to get at least a two year membership now, and you get one blue label purchase each year. I don't know if you still have to request blue label purchase certificates and wait for them to arrive, or if you just show your membership card at the time of purchase.
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  9. davidlaw

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    How does it shoot? It has been my experience that the more a Glock is shot the better it shoots. I have carried the 21 and 22 as duty weapons and they shot well, but until several 1,000 rounds were sent down range, they didn't shoot to their full potential. I now have a G30sf as my personal weapon and I amaving a blast breaking it in!!!
  10. ashecht

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    You cannot do this anymore. Purchase a 1 year membership and you have wait a year for your purchase coupon. Buy a 2year membership and they mail coupon immediately
  11. EvilD

    EvilD New Member

    Does your receipt say "new" if so, take him to small claims court, you we defrauded.
  12. RogerH

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    just shoot it and love it you cant wear out a glock barrel .hug it squeeze call him George and love him forever.
  13. triggerhappy

    triggerhappy New Member

    Thanks for all the feedback, guys!

    1. It wasn't shooting well. That's why I'm so disappointed. Glock armorer thinks it's been shot well over several thousand rounds.
    2. Dirty J: Of course I shopped around. Doing YOUR math -- $499+tax= $535+$60 (sights)= $595. Looks like my $549 is still a "better deal" than yours. Btw, where in Atlanta did you find a new G17 Gen4? I need to start buying there.
    3.EvilD: Receipt doesn't indicate new (unfortunately).
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  14. jimmyalbrecht

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    That sucks dude, no fun that you had to learn your lesson that way.
  15. jidavies

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    That is surely a downer, but hey, its a Glock. I would shoot it. If you have any problems im sure Glock will take care of you.. If it shoots nice with no jams or hick-ups, its as good as a new gun..

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    If he told you that it was new, and you purchased it because you believed that to be true, and you would not have purchased it otherwise, you are entitled to a return. Standard contract law makes it a voidable contract. If they refuse you can still take them to court.
  17. zkjev01

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    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    My g22 was a rebuilt police turn in, works great! But if you want brand new...
  19. peggy

    peggy New Member

    We have learned not to buy from the gun shows because something like that is what happened to my hubby. We will NEVER buy from the gun show again. Now we will go get bullets and we love to look around but we have learned a valuable lesson.
  20. Dirty J

    Dirty J This forum sucks.

    I know the price you paid is slightly less (I can add), but your biggest complaint seems to be that the pistol was not "brand new".

    If I'm in the market for a "new" pistol... I'd gladly pay $50 more for a new one vs. a factory reconditioned model - wouldn't you agree?

    As for the price... 400 Jewelry and Loan in Dawsonville has Gen4 17 priced at $499.

    Gen3 17's are $469

    In either case... no need to get all defensive. You got a nice pistol there. What's done is done... go out and enjoy it!