Better Off Using Iron Sights (for now)

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  1. Can anyone else relate?

    Greetings. Will spare you my resume’, because it’s not that impressive. For reference though, I’m 52 years old and presbyopia, old people eyes, has set in.

    I’ve watched the development of handgun optics since the original ‘Doctor’ sights were considered viable. Could go back further in time, but not trying to impress.

    When my eyes finally went old, I pounced on the best red dots sight (RDS) systems available BEFORE I lost the ability to see the iron sights effectively. Had multiple problems with maintaining zero, as well as dot failure issues. Please try and keep from diagnosing the problems I had. I followed all of the recommendations, watched YouTube vids on different issues and even sent certain sights back to the factory for repair. The bottom line is that I lost confidence that the sight work when I needed it.

    Here’s the reality: I never lost the ability to see the iron sights! I finally gave up on the RDS systems and went back to irons.

    Anyone else go through this evolution yet?


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  2. mattm

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    I hate this aging crap, and fight it hard. Fish oil is great for the eyes, focus is controlled by muscle, so the more you train, the more you gain, even the eyes. I'm 60, and have had a blurry front site on occasion lately. I stop, work at getting it in focus, which has required a change in stance or head angle (I refuse to close one eye, but think sometimes my eyes fight for the right to watch the site

    I've had friends take fish oil for vision (visual acuity a job requirement) and one guy even had an operation cancelled after taking it awhile. We can't win the war on aging, but we can at least prolong the....suffering? :p
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  3. Danzig

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    52 also.
    Actually I’ve bought more red dots lately as it just seems quicker.
    Haven’t made the jump to RDS on a carry pistol though. I intend to at some point.
    I’ve always been leery of electronics on a firearm but running Aimpoints for 20 years , there are a few I could rely on.
    Overall I see electronics and batteries getting better and better, they’ve already gotten very good compared to what we had back in the 80’s.
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  4. RevV

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    Same age; same issue!
    Same conclusion!

    I can see a front sight just fine, and I have no trouble putting decent groups of all 8s or better in the very blurry circle.

    I am no longer an outstanding shot but still good enough for self-defense and for fun at the range. :)
  5. mattm

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    Dang, I'm hanging out with youngsters here :rolleyes:
    Fitness and nutrition. I can't stress those 2 enough. And, screw the doctors ;) well, unless you find a good one.
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  6. Jim Beam

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    Aaron, I am a bit older than you and have round that same bend. I have found that FXPro Iron sights work better for me than RDS.

  7. Thanks for each reply. I’m proud to join the ranks of such an honorable and thoughtful Senior Citizen Shooter Brigade! And, I agree that staying as fit as you can while eating reasonably well (gotta live once in a while though..) is the absolute best way to “...rage against the dying of the light.”
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  8. rbbeers

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    During the local USPSA match last evening, 2 of 9 RDS systems failed... my iron sights did not. :rolleyes:

    My primary focus is self defense and I sincerely doubt I'll ever fit a self defense weapon with electronic optics.

    That said, they're fun to play with and it's good to be familiar with them if it becomes necessary to 'have to' use one in an 'emergency'.

    For what it's worth, I'm 67 with 'not-so-good' eyesight and use the sights pictured below...

    Sights 2b.jpg Sights 1b.jpg

    Welcome to the forum! :)

    Best regards,

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  9. John in AR

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    NoOneOfConsequence - I'm a little older than you, with similar eyes it sounds like. I switched to XS Big Dots a while back and have really come to like them.

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  10. Lucian_253

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    I’m not old, but have a damaged eye. My favorites are XS Big Dots, Trijicon HD’s, Ameriglo I-dot pros, & black tears paired with red fiber optic front sight.
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  11. stokes

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    When I got to be in my mid 40's I needed reading glasses.Couldnt see my sights worth a s#!t.I didnt carry readers at all times.So I stopped using my sights every year at requal.Out at 15 yds I could squint and get by but anything closer I would just point and shoot,Worked out fine.I'm 64 now and wear glasses for both distant and reading,but still just point shoot.Not a target shooter at all,except with my .44 hunting pistol and my .22 both have Aimpoints.
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  12. RevV

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  13. RevV

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    The XS Big Dots are over $100 too.
  14. RevV

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    Bob, what sight do you have pictured there?

    It reminds me of a Springfield XD Mod 2 sight, which I like very much.

    I cannot justify $100 on "iron" sights for myself as long as I can do decently with the infamous Glock plastic white "ball in a bucket" sights.
  15. John in AR

    John in AR Well-Known Member

    What are black tears?
  16. Lucian_253

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    Auto correct strikes again. Black rear sights with fiber optic front sights.
  17. John in AR

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  18. Jim Beam

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  19. Glockfinger

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    That's a good price, the last set I put on my PPQ costed 145.00
  20. SargeRN

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    All these youngsters! I'm 70+ and still use factory sights on handguns! Long guns well that's a different story.
    My ability to continue to use iron sights on handguns probably has something to do with the fact I've worn glasses since I was in first grade. Started as single vision glasses, a few years after I retired from the Army had to go to bi-focals. For about 10 years now I wear tri-focals. Am I Master Level IPSC shooter...never have been and never will be! Can I hit a bad guy sized target at self defense your A** I can!
    I've been shooting handguns and long guns for over 60 years, military weapons for the 20 years I was active duty and multiple weapons courses after I retired. One thing EVERY instructor I every had, military, LEO, and private was PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Muscle memory is a perishable skill and PRACTICE is the only thing that keeps that skill.

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