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Better controlability with 19 C?

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I am contemplating buying a 19 C to complement my current 26 and 34. Anybody have experience with the compensated model? Noticeable handling improvement? Worth the extra money? Woudl appreciate your thoughts..
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I have a 22c and love it!!Stays on target for the next shot better.Shoots like my 34 as for recoil.Get a 19c and enjoy it! It will complement your Glock pistol.I'm thinking about ordering a 17L. To add to my glock collection!


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Own a fresh 23C. Carried 19C for years. Awesome gun. Great double tap potential. If you fire it from retention, tilt it slightly away from your body, 10-15 degrees, to avoid any combustion gases from port.
I think the l C models are more for the presence than practical. I have a 1911 that is compensated and love it. But can't tell the difference between it and any other 45. 1911 aluminum frame as far as recoil. But mine looks meaner lol
I don't think my 19 Gen 4 has enough recoil that I would ever want/need a compensated model. If you shoot it enough to be comfortable than it'll be a non-issue.
I personally don't think that the 9x19mm has so much recoil and muzzle flip that you even need a comp on the gun. Heck, I was surprised at how little recoil the G26 I use to have had. Now if you start talking .357Sig or 40S&W then it might come in handy but the 9x19mm and IMHO 45acp are so tame recoil and muzzle flip wise that they're just a joy to shoot.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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