Best Safe, Lock Box, etc for a Glock

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    What is the best safe or lock box for a GLOCK, a 23 gen 4 model specifically? I have children so I need to be able to keep the gun on lock down. I'm looking for something small and inexpensive, but for this purpose, cost may be irrelevant. So, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, does the case that the new glocks come with have the ability to lock?

  2. I picked up a Gun Vault from Wal-Mart for $80 back at Christmas. A buddy at work got one for $60 a couple of weeks ago from there. If you can find them on sale, I think they worth it.


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    I got a winchester pistol box from Walmart for $25. Works fine for keeping curious fingers away from it.
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    I have seen glock cases that do lock. If I remember right they were like 40 bucks... and I believe I saw one at the glockmeister store in mesa AZ. Don't quote me on this but it seems like I saw this there.
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    Thanks everyone for all the great info! So many choices...